He should steal some brains! Bizarre moment thief nabs huge chair and potted plant from outside Miami home that he can barely fit inside his SUV

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  • Aramairon Perez posted footage from her Nest location camera to societal media
  • It shows nan infinitesimal a brazen thief steals a wicker chair and a potted works from nan beforehand structure of her Florida home
  • The man struggles to fresh nan objects successful nan trunk of his car, but manages to transportation retired nan heist successful nether 2 minutes

By Mackenzie Tatananni For Dailymail.Com

Published: 17:03 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 17:05 EST, 13 November 2023

A shameless thief stole furnishings from nan structure of a Miami location - moreover taking a ornamental works - successful wide daylight, past struggled for to fresh everything successful his car.

Unknowingly, nan full heist was captured connected a location surveillance camera.

Footage from Aramairon Perez's Nest camera was uploaded to Instagram by connected November 9.

 '8.36am astatine my house, a shameless personification robbed me,' she wrote successful Spanish. 'I'm sharing it truthful that you are aware, you tin nary longer beryllium calm.'

The footage shows an unidentified man steering a gunmetal precocious exemplary Ford Expedition into nan driveway. He jogs astir to unfastened nan trunk earlier heading towards nan structure - successful afloat position of nan camera.

Bizarre location surveillance camera footage shows nan infinitesimal a masked thief stole a wicker chair from a Miami location and struggled to fresh it successful nan trunk of his car

The man returns to nan structure and picks up a ample potted plant, which he wrestles into nan car earlier driving off

Arimairon Perez uploaded nan footage from her Nest camera to societal media, writing: '8.36am astatine my house, a shameless personification robbed me'

The thief wears all-black attire, pinch a Miami Heat headdress connected apical of his caput and a cloth disguise hiding his face. Tattoos screen nan magnitude of some arms.

The man retrieves a ample wicker chair from nan structure and carries it backmost to nan car.  He attempts to load it successful to nan trunk sideways, raising 1 limb to drawback his equilibrium and adopting an odd, flamingo-like pose.

The brazen thief hesitates erstwhile he sees his method isn't working, readjusts his grip connected nan chair and attempts to load it successful again.

He drops it connected nan driveway for a second, and, regaining his energy, picks it backmost up. This time, he attempts to put it successful legs-first, but nan chair proves to beryllium excessively big. As he tries a different angle, a pillow falls to nan ground.

The man pauses, musters nan past of his spot and slides it successful sideways. However, nan legs don't fit, resting connected nan separator of nan trunk.

The thief crouches and originates to push pinch each his might. He yet fits nan chair successful nan trunk sideways.

With nan first portion of nan caper completed, he strides backmost to nan structure and ducks retired of nan camera's position earlier reappearing pinch a potted palm.

He wrestles it backmost to nan car and initially attempts to put it successful nan trunk sideways, which doesn't work, arsenic nan character is longer than nan full width of nan car.

The man attempts to fresh nan chair successful respective times earlier turning it sideways and shoving it successful - not earlier losing a pillow

The potted thenar proves to beryllium much of a struggle, arsenic it is longer than nan width of nan car

The thief makes respective attempts to fresh nan thenar and yet manages to descent it in, joining nan chair

Closing nan trunk is besides a challenge, but nan masked man is persistent, and yet forces it shut

Perez uploaded a travel up video nan adjacent day, showing nan bare beforehand porch

He flips nan thenar astir and shoves it furiously. Miraculously, it fits.

The man originates to caput backmost to nan porch, past appears to alteration his mind and returns to unit nan trunk closed, only for it to catch connected immoderate protruding thenar fronds.

He shoves nan doorway until it is mostly closed and walks astir to nan driver's side. Here, nan video ends.

Perez posted a travel up video to her TikTok relationship nan adjacent day, panning her telephone camera complete nan quiet porch.

'Results of nan robbery yesterday...now it makes maine laughter but yesterday it made maine angry,' she wrote.

It is unclear if nan incident was reported to police. 

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