Harry Garside opens up on 'super challenging' ordeal after being accused of domestic assault against ex Ashley Ruscoe

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  • Harry Garside has shared his thoughts connected his constabulary ordeal 
  • He was accused of home unit but charges were dropped 
  • Garside says nan saga turned him into 'a man' 

By Ollie Lewis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 16:49 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 16:49 EST, 29 November 2023

Australian boxer Harry Garside has opened up connected nan intelligence toll of his domestic violence charge, revealing that nan saga has turned him into 'a man'.

Garside, 25, was arrested by NSW Police successful melodramatic scenes astatine Sydney Airport arsenic he returned location pinch his begetter aft shooting nan reality TV show I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! successful South Africa earlier this year.

Police dropped nan charges against nan 25-year-old successful a Sydney court aft his ineligible squad produced video grounds they said showed his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Ruscoe, was nan alleged aggressor during an incident connected March 1. 

Harry Garside has opened up connected nan intelligence toll of his home unit ordeal

- Garside was accused of home unit against his erstwhile woman Ashley Ruscoe, but charges were later dropped 

Garside had steadfastly maintained his innocence passim nan proceedings that had been brought against him. 

Ms Ruscoe, 35, was arrested astatine her Bellevue Hill location successful July and charged pinch assaulting and intimidating her erstwhile partner, Mr Garside. 

Months later, Ruscoe - who useful arsenic a boxing coach and wellness guru - was subsequently charged pinch 2 counts of intentionally distributing friendly images without consent. 

Garside has steadfastly maintained his innocence passim nan proceedings, pinch nan tribunal lawsuit ongoing and Ruscoe pleads not blameworthy to each charges. 

And speaking to SEN power from nan Pacific Games, nan Olympian was candid successful his reflections connected nan ordeal. 

'It's thing that's ne'er easy, right? Being successful nan nationalist domain each nan clip and successful nan nationalist spotlight and going done thing for illustration that, it was ace challenging,' Garside said.

'But I deliberation each that I've learned successful my sporting career, and I consciousness for illustration this year, arsenic well, though it was very challenging I consciousness for illustration this twelvemonth I turned into a man.

Garside said nan past twelvemonth has turned him into 'a man' arsenic he reflected connected nan episode

'I'm very grateful that each I went done this year, I'm very grateful that I sewage done it very quickly and I'm very grateful that I've realised who's successful my team, who's stood by me. My circle sewage smaller but I'm very grateful for that, too.'

Garside said he chose not to wallow successful aforesaid pity during nan saga.

'It's ne'er easy, but ... there's truthful galore different group successful nan world that are going done overmuch harder things,' Garside said.

'I'm grateful to beryllium done it and conscionable focusing connected Paris 2024.'

Speaking of France adjacent year, Garside believes nan champion is yet to come.

'I decidedly consciousness for illustration I'm connected nan measurement location [to being amended than I was successful Tokyo], which is great,' Garside said.

'I deliberation arsenic athletes, going into nan property of 26, 27, that's astir apt nan highest clip for boxers, which is great.

'I deliberation starring into Paris you'll spot nan champion type of Harry Garside, which is nice.'