Hannah Waddingham’s ‘Home For Christmas’ Celebrates The Season With Friends And Family

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Hannah Waddingham successful her Holiday special, "Home For Christmas."

Courtesy: Apple TV+

While astir group cognize Hannah Waddingham from her domiciled connected Ted Lasso arsenic shot nine proprietor Rebecca Welton, she’s besides a seasoned unrecorded theatre actress, hainvg spent 22 years trodding nan boards.

She describes her return to nan shape successful her caller Holiday special, Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas, arsenic dream travel true.

Joining nan Emmy Award-winner and three-time Olivier Award nominee is an 18-piece band, nan Fabulous Lounge Swingers, on pinch Sam Ryder, Luke Evans, Leslie Odom Jr, Phil Dunster, and — surprise! — a fewer of her chap Ted Lasso co-stars.

Her TV fans person already been introduced to Waddingham’s singing abilities via a Christmas installment of Ted Lasso on pinch an section that finds her belting retired tunes during a Karaoke session.

She says that initially she was confused astir incorporating her philharmonic expertise into nan series, arsenic she asked bid creator and prima Jason Sudeikis, “Why would a shot nine proprietor sing, and he was like, ‘because you're going to sing, we're not going to not person you singing.’”

Waddingham says that successful pitching nan reside of special, she told executives that it would be, ‘somewhere betwixt Dean Martin and Carol Burnett [shows],’ describing it as, “that style of having group complete for nan holidays, dropping successful in their finery. I mean, I consciousness for illustration it's a bygone era pinch group successful beautiful meal jackets and beautiful dresses, truthful I was keen for nan set to beryllium successful their tuxes and my backing vocalists to consciousness a cardinal dollars.”

In creating nan special, Waddingham says that she, ‘put pressure’ connected herself to showcase her range.

“I wanted to find songs wherever I could do what I for illustration doing pinch songs and prime songs that are very famous, but to reinvent them successful my ain way.”

Those numbers see Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, That’s What Christmas Means to Me, and O Holy Night, among others.

The venue of nan special, The London Coliseum, holds peculiar value for Waddingham arsenic she explains, “It had to beryllium wherever it each started for maine which was sitting arsenic a small woman successful nan theatre watching nan English National Opera pinch my mom singing connected that shape arsenic a soprano. It was a nary brainer.”

Having some her mother, Melodie Kelly who performed arsenic a vocalist for 30 years, and her girl successful attendance provided a magical infinitesimal for Waddingham, she explains.

“Singing O Holy Night, to my mum and to my daughter, nan unbelievable timing of nan truth that my girl was 8 erstwhile we changeable this and she was sitting successful nan container wherever I sat from nan property of eight, watching pinch her small tone and her small heart, seeing her mummy opinionated location erstwhile I had sat location and [watched] my mummy, [was special].”

She quickly adds, “To person my mum location astatine each erstwhile I didn't moreover cognize she was going to make it. She's heavy inflicted pinch Parkinson's illness and it was a large woody for maine to get her location successful her wheelchair, and my begetter who had gone done quintuple bosom room while I was shooting nan 3rd play of Ted Lasso; to person them some location and to person my girl location excessively was just…. if I ne'er did thing again, this typical would beryllium my top achievement.”

Waddingham’s wish now is for viewers to watch and return distant a emotion of ‘joy and positivity.’

“We’re successful specified a messiness of unkindness and selfishness astatine nan moment, and I cognize that location are acold much important things successful nan world connected a world scale,” says Waddingham, “but everyone needs distraction, everyone needs to smile, everyone needs to shed a tear erstwhile they request to, and if I tin supply a small happiness past I dream that's what this is.”

‘Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas’ is disposable for streaming Wednesday, November 22nd connected Apple TV+

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