Hamas' spoils of war? Terror group's associates are accused of making more than $900 MILLION by shorting shares in Israel's biggest bank weeks before October 7 massacre

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  • Two New York-based professors connected Monday published a study into financial transactions successful nan weeks starring up to October 7
  • They cited respective instances of 'unusual' trades, pinch traders making important bets connected Israel's financial institutions dropping successful value
  • They said nan deals apt were made by Hamas insiders - 'traders informed astir nan coming attacks', who 'profited from these tragic events'

By Harriet Alexander For Dailymail.com

Published: 22:09 EST, 4 December 2023 | Updated: 22:30 EST, 4 December 2023

Hamas-linked financiers made hundreds of millions of dollars of profits by shorting Israeli stocks earlier nan October 7 massacre, 2 analysts say. 

One unidentified trader 'shorted' 4.43 cardinal shares successful Israel's largest bank, Leumi, betwixt September 15 and October 5 - meaning they gambled that nan value of Leumi's shares would fall.

After nan October 7 attack, Leumi's stock value did so plummet arsenic its operations were paralyzed, earning a $900 cardinal profit for nan trader, who is believed to person links to Hamas.

The waste and acquisition and others were unearthed by Robert J. Jackson, Jr, from New York University School of Law, and Joshua Mitts of Columbia Law School.

On Monday they published a study into their findings titled: 'Trading connected Terror?'

They've speculated that nan rate whitethorn person been funneled backmost into Hamas' operations. Jackson and Mitts did not place who was down nan trades, but noted they were highly unusual.

'Our findings propose that traders informed astir nan coming attacks profited from these tragic events, and accordant pinch anterior lit we show that trading of this benignant occurs successful gaps successful U.S. and world enforcement of ineligible prohibitions connected informed trading,' they write.

Leumi bank, nan largest successful Israel, was shorted by a trader from September 15-October 5, earning nan trader $900 million

Joshua Mitts (left), from Columbia Law School, and Robert J. Jackson, Jr, from New York University School of Law (right), connected Monday published their study of nan trades

'We lend to nan increasing lit connected trading related to geopolitical events and connection suggestions for policymakers concerned astir profitable trading connected nan ground of accusation astir coming subject conflict.'

And different trader made a singular 227,000 short transactions connected October 2 against nan EIS - nan Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), a information traded connected nan New York Stock Exchange.

The EIS gives investors vulnerability to Israeli exchange-traded funds.

The worth of EIS fell by 7.1 percent connected October 11 - nan first time nan U.S. marketplace was unfastened aft nan panic onslaught - and wrong nan first period mislaid 17.5 percent of its value, meaning that that 1 trader profited handsomely from nan October 2 trades.

Revelers fly from nan Supernova bid show during nan October 7 attacks, which near much than 1,200 Israelis dead

Hamas terrorists are seen connected October 7 taking hostages from communities adjacent Gaza

The terrorists are seen having burst done nan Gaza separator obstruction connected October 7

Abandoned and torched vehicles astatine nan tract of nan October 7 onslaught connected nan Supernova godforsaken euphony show successful confederate Israel

Jackson and Mitts concluded: 'It is highly improbable that nan measurement of short trading connected October 2 occurred by random chance.'

The brace said nan trades raised suspicion that they could person been carried retired by personification pinch insider knowledge of nan Hamas attack.

'Although we spot nary aggregate summation successful shorting of Israeli companies connected US exchanges, we do place a crisp and different increase, conscionable earlier nan attacks, successful trading successful risky short-dated options connected these companies expiring conscionable aft nan attacks,' they wrote.

Hamas, which since 1997 has been proscribed arsenic a violent statement by nan United States, cannot transportation retired transactions connected nan unfastened market.

Any Hamas figures who tried to do truthful consequence having their assets stiff by nan U.S. Treasury.

But nan group has taken advantage of innovative financing systems, specified arsenic cryptocurrency.

A Wall Street Journal study recovered that, betwixt August 2021 and June 2023, 3 panic groups - Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and its Lebanese ally, Hezbollah - collectively received complete $134 cardinal successful crypto.

Hamas received immoderate $41 cardinal successful integer rate complete nan astir two-year period, nan Journal reported.

Islamic Jihad received $93 million.