Hamas Releases More Hostages—Including 1 American—As 6-Day Truce With Israel Nears End

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Hamas released 12 Israeli hostages, including aggregate pinch dual nationalities, and astatine slightest 4 Thai hostages connected Wednesday, nan last time of a impermanent cease-fire betwixt Israel and Hamas—as negotiators see a multi-day hold of nan truce.

On Wednesday, 2 women joined much than 80 hostages who person been released by Hamas successful caller days, ... [+] portion of a multi-day cease-fire betwixt Hamas and Israel that negotiators are looking to extend. (Photo by Erik Marmor/Getty Images)

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Key Facts

Hamas released nan first 2 hostages of nan sixth round—Russian citizens Yelena Trupanob and Irena Tati—in portion arsenic a gesture to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been progressively captious of Israel’s subject run successful nan Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Later successful nan day, 10 much Israelis—five women and 5 minors—and 4 Thai nationals were fixed to nan Red Cross by Hamas, Majed Al Ansari, Qatar’s spokesperson for overseas affairs, confirmed connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter.

Al Ansari said location were 3 Israeli-Germans released, 1 insignificant who besides has Dutch citizenship and 1 Israeli-American.

In compliance pinch its extremity of nan agreement, Israel freed 30 Palestinians—16 minors and 14 women—from Israeli prisons connected Wednesday, Al Ansari said connected X.

Key Background

Over nan people of nan six-day cease-fire, Hamas has released dozens of Israeli citizens who were taken to Gaza during nan group’s deadly Oct. 7 onslaught connected confederate Israel. The group has besides released immoderate captured group of other nationalities successful deals abstracted from nan statement pinch Israel. In summation to nan 50 Israeli hostages released successful nan first 4 days, 19 Thai hostages and astatine slightest 1 Filipino and 1 Russian hostage were released.

What To Watch For

Negotiations are reportedly underway to widen nan truce betwixt Israel and Hamas and proceed releasing hostages. A spokesperson for nan Qatari government—which has helped agent nan talks—told CNN nan state is optimistic nan woody will beryllium extended.

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