Hamas fires rockets at Israel as ceasefire deadline EXPIRES: Israel relaunches offensive after six-day truce to liberate hostages crumbled

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  • The ceasefire betwixt Israel and Hamas expired early Friday morning 
  • Negotiations collapsed down arsenic dozens of hostages stay trapped successful Gaza

By Will Potter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 00:03 EST, 1 December 2023 | Updated: 00:27 EST, 1 December 2023

Israel has announced it is resuming its violative against Gaza aft a ceasefire pinch Hamas expired, arsenic negotiations to liberate hostages collapsed down. 

The IDF claimed that Hamas 'violated' nan ceasefire early and launched rockets connected Israel successful nan early hours of Friday, pinch footage shared to societal media appearing to show attacks connected nan southbound Israel metropolis of Sderot. 

In response, nan 'IDF renewed occurrence against nan violent statement Hamas successful nan Gaza Strip', Israeli subject claimed connected X, formerly Twitter. 

Just nether an hr earlier nan ceasefire officially expired, nan IDF claimed connected X that it had 'intercepted' an onslaught pinch nan Iron Dome, its aerial defense systems. 

Rockets person reportedly been intercepted arsenic nan ceasefire complete Gaza City expired 

#BREAKING: Live watercourse video from Sderot shows nan infinitesimal rocket alert sirens sounded successful nan confederate Israel metropolis followed by a flash of ray and a ample explosion.

Hamas has apt surgery nan ceasefire. pic.twitter.com/L1QMdYheU2

— Moshe Schwartz (@YWNReporter) December 1, 2023

Hours earlier nan ceasefire ended astatine 7am Friday greeting successful Gaza (midnight ET), footage purported to show rocket sirens sounding adjacent nan Gaza border.

According to footage posted connected societal media by a newsman from Yeshiva World News, a Jewish outlet, sirens could beryllium heard successful nan confederate Israel metropolis of Sderot followed by sounds of a ample explosion. 

Further surveillance video besides appeared to show a rocket motorboat towards Sderot intercepted by nan Iron Dome. It is unclear if reports of a blast successful Sderot are nan aforesaid incident nan Israeli subject claimed it had intercepted.  

Reports of Telegram communications from nan Shehab News Agency, considered tied to Hamas, claimed gunfire and respective explosions struck bluish Gaza earlier connected Friday. 

An IDF worker patrols a combat area arsenic nan ceasefire pinch Gaza came to a close 

Before nan ceasefire deadline passed, an advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was unfastened to different extension, connected nan information of much hostage releases. 

Officials initially expected nan ceasefire to extremity connected Thursday greeting earlier it was extended for a further time pinch conscionable minutes to spare. 

Israel had agreed to halt its retaliatory strikes connected Gaza by a time for each 10 hostages who are freed, pinch a further 2 captured Israeli's freed connected Thursday afternoon. 

The ceasefire had begun connected November 24 and was initially intended to beryllium brought to a adjacent connected Monday, arsenic aggregate extensions raised hopes from immoderate that nan worst fighting successful nan Middle East successful caller representation could proceed to beryllium halted amid ongoing negotiations.