Guy Fieri delivers stunned reaction to Jaylen Brown's game-tying shot as celebrity chef is featured courtside during Celtics-Pacers - days after revealing his 30lb weight loss

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  • Brown's clutch changeable helped propel Boston to triumph connected Tuesday evening
  • Fieri was sitting courtside pinch his caller petite fig for nan playoff game
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By Eric Blum

Published: 10:35 EDT, 22 May 2024 | Updated: 10:35 EDT, 22 May 2024

Celebrity cook Guy Fieri delivered a stunned guidance aft Boston Celtics defender Jaylen Brown swished a area 3-pointer to nonstop Game 1 of nan Eastern Conference Finals against nan Indiana Pacers to overtime. 

Brown deed nan clutch changeable from nan area to necktie nan postseason contest. As Brown walked backmost connected nan tribunal pumped up, Fieri looked connected successful amazement from courtside astatine Boston's TD Garden. 

Fieri is champion known arsenic a big connected Food Network of respective shows including each 48 seasons of 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' and 'Tournament of Champions'. 

The 56-year-old Fieri, who roseate to fame by winning 'Next Food Network Star' successful 2006, besides precocious revealed he has mislaid 30 pounds since 2020 pinch his caller workout regimen. 

By moving successful nan nutrient industry, maintaining a patient weight is simply a deceptive challenge. Fieri has recovered his groove to subordinate that trend. 

Fieri was stunned by Brown's changeable astatine courtside for Game 1 of nan Eastern Conference Finals

In speaking pinch Men's Health, Fieri said that his individual trainer Scott Butler put him connected a programme that included nan aforementioned methods arsenic good arsenic practices specified arsenic rucking, utilizing a sauna and a acold plunge. 

The Columbus, Ohio autochthonal said he gained momentum amid nan process: 'Once I started getting much superior astir that, nan amount of nutrient I was eating, and exercise, it really changed nan full thing.' 

'It wasn't arsenic gnarly arsenic you mightiness deliberation … I'm not a large meal fan,' he said. 

The TV personality, who is begetter to sons Hunter, 27, and Ryder, 18, pinch spouse Lori, 52, said that 15 minutes successful nan sauna and 3 of a acold plunge are 'a regular reset' that helps support him connected task. 

Rucking is simply a believe successful which a personification walks aliases runs pinch a weighted backpack aliases vest on; Fieri said he does this successful nan hills astir his location aggregate times weekly.

Fieri said that astir 2018, he noticed he was getting winded connected his hunting outings pinch his son, and 2 years later, he began moving pinch Butler.

His fittingness regular pinch Butler included exercises specified arsenic burpees, squats and presses, arsenic good arsenic routines pinch medicine shot throwing and ropes. 

Guy Fieri has mislaid 30 pounds since 2020 acknowledgment to a regimen of weighted vest training

The celeb restaurateur was pictured successful July of 2016 successful New York City pinch 1 of his sauces

Brown's heroics helped nan Celtics triumph Game 1 successful overtime alternatively of handing home-court advantage to nan Pacers. 

Fieri is an avid sports instrumentality and has participated successful plentifulness of cooking shows involving tailgating and foods that personification would eat while watching sports. 

Fieri's signature dishes see his trash-can nachos, which comes served successful a metal  cylinder. 

Game 2 betwixt Indiana and Boston takes spot Thursday night. 

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