Green Bay Packers G.M. Brian Gutekunst Delivers State Of the Team Address

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Green Bay Packers wide head Brian Gutekunst has assembled a squad that is conscionable 2-5 this season.

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The Green Bay Packers are mired successful a four-game losing streak and disconnected to their worst commencement (2-5) since 2005.

Quarterback Jordan Love has struggled, while nan full discourtesy has bordered connected inept.

And Rasul Douglas — nan Packers’ champion and astir reliable cornerback since 2021 — was traded to Buffalo connected Tuesday.

What does it each mean for 2023 — and beyond? Green Bay wide head Brian Gutekunst answered galore of those questions during a 24-minute chat pinch nan authorities media Wednesday.

Here were nan awesome takeaways:

1. The Packers traded Douglas and a 2024 5th information prime for a 2024 3rd rounder. While Green Bay mislaid a captious personnel of its 2023 team, Gutekunst believes nan draught prime will beryllium a cardinal portion moving forward.

“We thought it was successful nan champion interests of nan Packers,” Gutekunst said of trading Douglas. “Obviously successful nan short term, you suffer a bully player, that’s tough. But astatine nan aforesaid time, looking benignant of agelong term, it's going to beryllium successful our champion interests.

“Any clip you get a 3rd information prime that’s going to benignant of beryllium wrong nan top-100, astir apt going to beryllium successful nan top-50 players you person connected your board, that’s thing I deliberation that was excessively bully for america to walk up. We wish him well. he served america good while he was here, and for illustration I said, we’re excited astir nan opportunities it presents for immoderate different guys.”

2. Quarterback Jordan Love has struggled and ranks 28th successful nan NFL successful passer standing astatine 78.2. But Gutekunst says nan problems dishonesty pinch nan full offense, not conscionable Love.

“A small up and down for illustration our full offense, right?,” Gutekunst said erstwhile asked astir Love. “I deliberation it’s been a activity successful advancement for nan full offense. There’s been glimpses, peculiarly successful nan 2nd halves of really bully football, but we person not started very well.

“So, I deliberation that group, that portion arsenic a full has a batch of activity to do. But astatine nan aforesaid time, they’re benignant of committed to nan process, judge successful that group of guys and expect amended results coming.”

3. Gutekunst hopes to cognize by nan extremity of nan 2023 run if Love is nan correct man to lead nan Packers into 2024 — and beyond.

“I deliberation we’ve sewage 10 games left,” Gutekunst said. “These are going to beryllium very important 10 games and I deliberation he’s done a batch of really bully things. Really for illustration nan measurement he’s responded to nan adversity, really he’s led nan team.

“Again, we’ve sewage to beryllium amended arsenic a portion and I expect that to hap complete nan adjacent 10 games. And I deliberation that we’re going done immoderate things that we knew we would spell through. We haven’t had nan results that we want, but I do for illustration nan measurement guys are responding to things.

4. Green Bay ranks 21st successful full defense and 20th successful scoring defense, and Gutekunst said consistency is nan Packers’ biggest problem.

“Certainly, they've been put successful immoderate reliable spots conscionable because of nan clip of possession and things that they've gone through,” Gutekunst sad. “But we’ve conscionable sewage to beryllium a small spot much sound, a small spot much consistent. Again, we've seen flashes of nan walk unreserved travel done and we've had immoderate moments. It's conscionable not — a small spot for illustration past year. The consistency is not there.”

5. Gutekunst isn’t blaming coach Matt LaFleur and his unit for nan messiness that 2023 has become.

“We don’t really look astatine it for illustration that. It’s connected each of us, right?” Gutekunst said. “It’s connected everybody successful that room. Again, for illustration I’ve said before, there’s a batch of belief successful everybody here, that we’ll beryllium capable to move forward, get amended and past yet nan results will follow. So that’s benignant of what we’re focused on. We’re not really looking to blame.”

6. The Packers should person escaped net headdress “hell” aft this play and presently person 5 draught picks successful nan first 3 rounds. Gutekunst hopes that — and nan continued maturation of his young roster — leads to a speedy turnaround.

“If I’m correct present correct now, I deliberation we’re astir apt astatine 11 picks we’re reasoning we’re going to have,” Gutekunst said. “I deliberation we’ll astir apt person 7 successful nan apical 4 rounds.

“Salary cap-wise, we’re getting healthier coming retired of nan pandemic and what we did pinch nan teams that we had present erstwhile we were chasing immoderate things. We’re getting successful a amended situation. Hopefully, nan headdress will spell up; I’m ever hopeful that nan headdress will spell up arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. Yeah, we’re getting into a amended wellness business wherever possibly we tin look astatine immoderate things otherwise arsenic we deed nan offseason.”

7. Gutekunst was asked what connection he would for illustration to convey to nan paying customers?

“Not large connected messaging to nan fans,” Gutekunst said. “What I would opportunity is everybody is frustrated. I’m judge they’re frustrated, arsenic well. But nan group of guys we sewage successful that locker room are bully guys who are moving their tails off. They’re very frustrated, arsenic well.

“They’re moving really difficult to get wherever we request to go. How agelong that will take? We’ll see, but we each expect if we attraction connected nan process that nan results will come.”

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