Greece becomes first E.U. country to introduce a six-day working week

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Greece has controversially introduced a six-day moving week for immoderate businesses successful a bid to boost productivity and employment successful nan confederate European country.

The regulation, which came into unit connected July 1, bucks a global trend of companies exploring a shorter moving week.

Under nan caller legislation, which was passed arsenic portion of a broader group of labour laws last year, labor of backstage businesses that supply round-the-clock services will reportedly have nan action of moving an further 2 hours per time aliases an other eight-hour shift.

The alteration intends a accepted 40-hour workweek could beryllium extended to 48 hours per week for immoderate businesses. Food work and tourism workers are not included successful nan six-day moving week initiative.

The pro-business authorities of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said the measurement is some “worker-friendly” and “deeply growth-orientated.” It is designed to support labor not being sufficiently compensated for overtime activity and to help crack down on nan problem of undeclared labor.

Labor unions and governmental observers person sharply criticized nan move.

A spokesperson for Greece’s embassy successful London was not instantly disposable to remark erstwhile contacted by CNBC.

Giorgos Katsambekis, a teacher successful European and world authorities astatine nan U.K.’s Loughborough University, described the Greek government’s preamble of nan labour rule arsenic “a awesome measurement back” for a workforce that is already moving nan longest hours successful nan European Union.

Workers successful Greece activity much than those successful nan U.S., Japan and others successful nan 27-member EU, according to data from nan Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Greek labor were recovered to person worked an mean of 1,886 hours successful 2022, much than nan U.S. mean of 1,811 and nan EU mean of 1,571.

“Greek group already activity nan longest hours per week successful Europe. Now they whitethorn beryllium forced to activity a sixth day, aft this Greek [government] decision,” John O’Brennan, professor of EU Law from Maynooth University, Ireland, said via societal media level X connected Monday.

“It is ridiculous, group against nan move to 4 time weeks successful astir civilised countries,” he added.

A report published by deliberation vessel Autonomy earlier this year found that astir companies progressive successful nan world’s largest proceedings of a four-day moving week had made nan argumentation permanent.

All nan consulted task managers and CEOs of nan companies progressive successful nan proceedings said a four-day moving week had a affirmative effect connected their organization, pinch much than half describing nan effect arsenic “very positive.”

The study found, however, that unit — successful firms wherever nan further time disconnected was only weakly guaranteed, aliases provided connected nan information of gathering definite targets — had immoderate concerns.

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