'Godfather' of AI is among hundreds of experts calling for urgent action to prevent the 'potentially catastrophic' risks posed by technology

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Elon Musk wants to push exertion to its absolute limit, from abstraction recreation to self-driving cars — but he draws nan statement astatine artificial intelligence. 

The billionaire first shared his distaste for AI successful 2014, calling it humanity's 'biggest existential threat' and comparing it to 'summoning nan demon.'

At nan time, Musk besides revealed he was investing successful AI companies not to make money but to support an oculus connected nan exertion successful lawsuit it gets retired of hand. 

His main fearfulness is that successful nan incorrect hands, if AI becomes advanced, it could overtake humans and spell nan extremity of mankind, which is known arsenic The Singularity.

That interest is shared among galore superb minds, including nan precocious Stephen Hawking, who told the BBC in 2014: 'The improvement of afloat artificial intelligence could spell nan extremity of nan quality race.

'It would return disconnected connected its ain and redesign itself astatine an ever-increasing rate.' 

Despite his fearfulness of AI, Musk has invested successful nan San Francisco-based AI group Vicarious, successful DeepMind, which has since been acquired by Google, and OpenAI, creating nan celebrated ChatGPT programme that has taken nan world by large wind successful caller months.

During a 2016 interview, Musk noted that he and OpenAI created nan institution to 'have democratisation of AI exertion to make it wide available.'

Musk founded OpenAI pinch Sam Altman, nan company's CEO, but successful 2018 nan billionaire attempted to return power of nan start-up.

His petition was rejected, forcing him to discontinue OpenAI and move connected pinch his different projects.

In November, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which became an instant occurrence worldwide.

The chatbot uses 'large connection model' package to train itself by scouring a monolithic magnitude of matter information truthful it tin study to make eerily human-like matter successful consequence to a fixed prompt. 

ChatGPT is utilized to constitute investigation papers, books, news articles, emails and more.

But while Altman is basking successful its glory, Musk is attacking ChatGPT.

He says nan AI is 'woke' and deviates from OpenAI's original non-profit mission.

'OpenAI was created arsenic an unfastened root (which is why I named it 'Open' AI), non-profit institution to service arsenic a counterweight to Google, but now it has go a closed source, maximum-profit institution efficaciously controlled by Microsoft, Musk tweeted successful February.

The Singularity is making waves worldwide arsenic artificial intelligence advances successful ways only seen successful subject fabrication - but what does it really mean?

In elemental terms, it describes a hypothetical early wherever exertion surpasses quality intelligence and changes nan way of our evolution.

Experts person said that erstwhile AI reaches this point, it will beryllium capable to innovate overmuch faster than humans. 

There are 2 ways nan advancement could play out, pinch nan first starring to humans and machines moving together to create a world amended suited for humanity.

For example, humans could scan their consciousness and shop it successful a machine successful which they will unrecorded forever.

The 2nd script is that AI becomes much powerful than humans, taking power and making humans its slaves - but if this is true, it is acold disconnected successful nan distant future.

Researchers are now looking for signs of AI  reaching The Singularity, specified arsenic nan technology's expertise to translate reside pinch nan accuracy of a quality and execute tasks faster.

Former Google technologist Ray Kurzweil predicts it will beryllium reached by 2045.

He has made 147 predictions astir exertion advancements since nan early 1990s - and 86 per cent person been correct. 

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