Glenn Maxwell's wife slams shocking abuse from Indian cricket fans after World Cup - as another Aussie WAG is hit with vile slurs

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  •  Australia hit India successful World Cup final
  • Indian cricket fans near shattered by loss 
  •  Some utilized societal media to maltreatment players and WAGs

By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 18:48 EST, 20 November 2023 | Updated: 18:48 EST, 20 November 2023

Indian trolls person targeted nan woman of Australian cricket prima Glenn Maxwell pursuing Australia's thrilling World Cup triumph complete nan subcontinent federation connected Sunday.

Maxwell deed nan winning runs successful nan daze six-wicket triumph complete raging favourites India, leaving galore fans furious.

Almost 100,000 cricket fans packed Narendra Modi Stadium for nan last while millions watched connected television, anticipating an Indian victory.

But aft going done nan tourney undefeated, India was beaten astatine nan last hurdle.

Now nan big-hitting allrounder's woman Vini Raman - who was calved successful India - has revealed really immoderate supporters took nan nonaccomplishment excessively acold pinch shocking maltreatment directed astatine her and Maxwell.

Indian cricket fans person targeted nan woman of Aussie cricket subordinate Glenn Maxwell aft nan Aussie alrounder deed nan winning runs successful nan World Cup final

Vini Raman was calved successful India, leaving galore cricket fans questioning her loyalty aft supporting her Australian hubby during nan tournament

'Cue each nan hateful, vile DMs (direct messages). Stay classy,' she wrote connected societal media level X.

'Can't judge this needs to beryllium said but you tin beryllium Indian and besides support nan state of your commencement wherever you person been raised and much importantly nan squad your hubby and begetter of your kid plays in. 

Take a chill pill and nonstop that outrage towards much important world issues.' 

Even that posted attracted bitter sentiments from Indian fans.

'Are you happy pinch India's nonaccomplishment aliases your husband's victory?' 1 asked.

'Real champions India,' posted another.

Vini was not nan only Aussie WAG subjected to distressing curen pursuing Australia's triumph. 

World Cup last leader Travis Head's woman Jessica was besides connected nan receiving extremity of vile maltreatment from fans connected societal media (pictured, Head celebrates nan victory)

Travis Head's wife, Jessica, has besides been targeted pinch reprehensible comments connected societal media aft she was seen  celebrating successful nan Australian squad sheds alongside her hubby connected Sunday, pursuing his outstanding innings of 137. 

Bitter Indian fans moreover targeted journalists, pinch ESPN writer Steve Smith - who is nary narration to nan Aussie batsman - revealed nan barbs he received successful his inbox.

'I dream level crashes, each of your squad dice on pinch their family members,' 1 connection read.

'If I ever spot you somewhere, you're not stepping retired from there,' publication another.

Ian Higgins, who hosts nan celebrated Grade Cricketer podcast, was besides told to 'kill himself'.

Australia shocked India successful nan ICC World Cup final, handing retired their only nonaccomplishment of nan tourney to declare nan trophy for a grounds sixth time.

India cricket fans were near shocked by nan consequence aft going into nan lucifer arsenic raging favourites

Even New Zealand subordinate Jimmy Neesham was targeted by Indian fans reasoning he was Australian.

'People who don't cognize Aus and NZ are 2 different countries,' he posted connected Instagram pinch an image of him flipping nan mediate finger.

Many Indian fans leapt to nan defence of nan Aussie squad and their WAGs, condemning nan maltreatment they copped.

'Feeling ashamed arsenic an Indian cricket fan,' 1 posted.

'Our cricket fanbase is 1 of nan astir toxic successful nan world. It's unfair to edifice to maltreatment directed astatine players aliases anyone's spouse.' 

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