Giant skull from 40-ton creature is discovered on North Carolina beach... do YOU know what it is?

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By Matthew Phelan Senior Science Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 21:00 EDT, 16 May 2024 | Updated: 21:00 EDT, 16 May 2024

A large, eerie skull part — pinch 2 rows of jagged, teeth-like edges — washed onto nan shoreline of North Carolina's Outer Banks this week.

Representatives pinch nan US National Park Service (NPS), which maintains this Atlantic coastal region, reported that nan skull part was approximately 3-feet wide and 2-feet tall, arsenic it warned citizens against trying to region nan elephantine skull.

The skull part appeared on Hatteras Island, nan namesake of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, southbound of Salvo village, a formation organization surrounded by nan ocean-side nationalist park.

NPS officials said that nan part was portion of a oversea creature's 'cranial cavity,' and that nan animal tin turn up to 60-feet agelong and measurement arsenic overmuch arsenic 40 tons.

The seemingly, razor-like teeth connected nan eerie humpback whale skull was apt a severed region connecting nan skull to different portion of nan body, arsenic humpback whales are filter-feeders who usage a building called baleen alternatively of teeth to hoover-up plankton and algae for their meals

'Take a look astatine this ample information of a humpback whale skull,' nan parkland wrote successful its May 15th Facebook post on Wednesday. 

'Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) person specialized skull structures to support their unsocial feeding behaviors,' nan parkland work officials noted. 

The seemingly, razor-like teeth connected nan skull were overmuch much apt a severed region that had connected nan skull to different portion of nan body — arsenic humpback whales are filter-feeders who usage a protein-structure called baleen, alternatively of teeth, to hoover-up plankton and algae for their meals. 

'Their skulls are comparatively flexible, particularly astir nan jaw joints, which enables them to unfastened their mouths wide to devour ample volumes of h2o and prey,' Cape Hatteras parkland officials said. 

'They besides person mandibles (lower jaws) that are not fused to their skulls,' according to parkland officials, offering a hint arsenic to really nan skull became separated from nan whale's little jaws.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Fisheries statistics, nary little than 30 humpback whales person died on nan North Carolina seashore since 2016.

NPS officials attributed this phenomena to nan region's history pinch hurricanes and shipwrecks, suggesting that North Carolina's outer islands and its undersea surface science tin sometimes trap ample oversea mammals.

'Given its location connected nan Outer Banks, nan obstruction land chains widen into nan Atlantic Ocean and travel successful very adjacent proximity to nan continental shelf,' they said, 'and for this logic a ample number of strandings hap wrong parkland boundaries.'

But different humpback whales, according to NOAA experts, person died locally owed to vessel collisions, arsenic good arsenic fatal encounters that ensnared them successful sportfishing gear.

Park officials tried to warn-off civilians from attempting to drawback nan awesome skull part arsenic a individual trophy.

'Under nan Marine Mammal Protection Act, it is forbidden to person immoderate parts of a marine mammal star and/or bones,' they said. 

'When NPS finds them, if we tin usage it for education/research we will (which requires respective unit to lift!),' they continued, 'or they will beryllium removed and disposed of aliases buried backmost successful nan environment.'

Park officials encouraged nan nationalist to study immoderate sightings of marine mammal strandings aliases oversea turtle activity sightings to nan Cape Hatteras Stranding Hotline: 252-216-6892.

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