Get Baked With Magnolia Bakery’s New Cannabis-Infused Desserts

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New York City dessert icon Magnolia Bakery this week announced a caller statement of cannabis edibles created done a business pinch incredibles, a licensed cannabis marque owned by Green Thumb Industries (GTI). Through nan caller deal, Magnolia will create cannabis-infused versions of nan bakeshop’s celebrated banana pudding and reddish velvet cupcakes, some of which person been reliable instrumentality favorites for years. The caller edibles will beryllium disposable opening Wednesday astatine GTI’s Rise dispensaries successful Illinois, Nevada and Massachusetts, pinch wider readiness expected successful those states opening adjacent week.

Sara Gramling, vice president of nationalist relations and partnerships astatine Magnolia Bakery, said “incredibles is simply a cleanable partner arsenic Magnolia Bakery expands into nan realm of cannabis edibles.”

“Magnolia Bakery is dedicated to crafting delicious desserts for visitors of each tastes and preferences and tin now stock our signature flavors pinch cannabis consumers successful 3 markets,” Gramling said successful a connection from nan company. “We dream that fans bask this all-new measurement to get baked pinch Magnolia Bakery.”

Magnolia Bakery is partnering pinch cannabis marque incredibles to connection weed-infused versions of its ... [+] celebrated desserts.

Photo courtesy of incredibles/Green Thumb Industries

Magnolia’s limited-time dive into nan cannabis manufacture will characteristic 2 of nan brand’s astir iconic flavors successful a caller light, pinch cocoa bars inspired by its signature banana pudding and reddish velvet cupcakes. The Swirled Famous Banana Pudding Bar consists of a swirl of creamy vanilla pudding, crunchy vanilla cookies and freeze-dried bananas, containing 10mg THC per portion and 100mg THC per bar. The 2nd offering, Red Velvet Piece Ahhh Cake 1:1 Bar has flavors of moist crimson cake, pick food tang and rich | acheronian chocolate, pinch 10mg THC and 10mg CBD per portion and 100mg THC and 100mg CBD per bar.

Eli Weiner, marque head for incredibles, said that nan company’s “goal is ever to present wonder, not worry.”

“And nary marque is simply a amended fresh for delivering wonderment to consumers than nan iconic Magnolia Bakery. This collaboration merges 2 award-winning brands to create memorable, disruptive products successful nan cannabis space,” Weiner writes successful an email. “Magnolia Bakery has group nan modular for tried-and-true desserts overmuch for illustration incredibles has group nan modular for reliable edibles that present connected sensation and consistency. We’re assured nan synergy betwixt these 2 brands is simply a look for success!”

The caller business features THC-infused versions of Magnolia Bakery's celebrated reddish velvet cupcakes ... [+] and banana pudding.

Photo courtesy of incredible/Green Thumb Industries

Magnolia Bakery opened successful New York’s West Village successful 1996 and quickly became a vicinity favourite and destination pit extremity for sweets-craving tourists. The institution has since expanded, pinch 8 shops successful New York City, 1 successful Chicago and different successful Los Angeles. Magnolia has besides grown beyond its brick-and-mortar beingness to connection direct-to-consumer treats done its online storefront,

“At Magnolia Bakery, we’re ever looking astatine caller ways to bring our iconic and world-famous flavors to caller audiences successful caller formats. We’ve seen plentifulness of consequence from our awesome fans enjoying banana pudding aliases reddish velvet cupcakes arsenic their munchies of prime and we knew we could harvester nan 2 into thing amazing,” Gramling writes successful an email. “Now, we’ve joined forces pinch incredibles to create a never-before-been-done dessert acquisition - each nan iconic Magnolia Bakery flavors and incredibles chill packed into 2 delicious cocoa bars. We dream you bask - responsibly!”

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