Gary Lineker reveals he was forced to mute the word 's***' on Twitter after being overwhelmed by tweets mocking after THAT infamous moment he soiled himself on the pitch when playing for England at Italia 90

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  • Gary Lineker infamously soiled himself connected nan transportation during nan 1990 World Cup 
  • Lineker has discussed nan incident connected comedian Joe Lycett's Turdcast podcast
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By Michael Pavitt For Mailonline

Published: 12:08 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 12:25 EST, 21 November 2023

Gary Lineker has admitted he was forced to shut up nan word s*** connected Twitter aft receiving multitudes of messages referencing him soiled himself connected nan transportation astatine nan 1990 World Cup.

Lineker suffered nan embarrassment successful England's opening crippled of nan tourney pinch nan Republic of Ireland.

The erstwhile Three Lions striker had opened nan scoring successful nan first half of nan match, pinch nan infamous incident occurring 15 minutes into nan 2nd half.

Lineker discussed nan incident on comedian Joe Lycett's Turdcast podcast, which will motorboat connected November 24 and see celebrities uncover a bid of toilet based stories.

The erstwhile England striker turned TV presenter explained nan 'little accident' became nationalist knowledge astir nan clip he joined Twitter, now X.

Gary Lineker revealed he was forced to shut up 's***' connected Twitter complete his Italia 90 accident

Lineker soiled himself connected nan transportation during nan World Cup lucifer against nan Republic of Ireland

The Match of nan Day big discussed nan incident connected Joe Lycett's caller podcast Turdcast

Lineker admitted he was yet forced to shut up 's***' aft shot fans many times responded to his posts pinch messages mentioning nan incident. 

'My small mishap became nationalist knowledge astir 20 years aft nan event, astir nan aforesaid clip arsenic I went on Twitter, arsenic it was past known,' Lineker said.

'Every azygous tweet I would put out, underneath would be, immoderate I was talking astir opportunity "I'm going to spot Joe Lycett this afternoon", it'll beryllium 'S*** connected Joe Lycett'.

'It'll beryllium multitudes of them each saying nan aforesaid thing, immoderate nan subject, if I was talking astir Manchester City it would beryllium "s*** connected Manchester City".

'Brilliantly witty of them all.

'In nan extremity they had this point wherever you could shut up words, truthful I muted s***, and I person really not seen immoderate since, it really works.'

The Match of nan Day big antecedently revealed nan incident had occurred aft he had been unwell nan nighttime earlier nan match.

Lineker explained he had not told anyone astir his unwellness arsenic he had been wished to play nan match, but began cramping early successful nan 2nd half.

The infinitesimal happened erstwhile Lineker stretched for nan ball. He was taken off not agelong after

'The shot goes retired connected their near hands broadside and I benignant of did a lunge astatine it and arsenic I did that I benignant of relaxed,' nan TV presenter told the Match of nan Day: Top 10 podcast.

'And it's conscionable gone BOOF and I've gone "Oh my God". And I'm sat location connected nan crushed and it's each there.

'And I went "I've s*** myself". I felt for illustration crying. Thank God we had nan acheronian bluish shorts connected and not nan achromatic ones.' 

Lineker enjoyed an illustrious world profession arsenic he netted 48 times successful 80 games for England, including scoring 4 times connected England's tally to nan semi-finals astatine Italia 90.

England topped a group that besides contained nan Netherlands and Egypt earlier they heartbreakingly collapsed retired connected penalties to West Germany successful nan semi-final.


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