Gambling ad pulled after A-League player appearing in it was charged over alleged betting corruption

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  •  Anti-gambling advertisement featuring A-League subordinate Kearyn Baccus taken down 
  •  He was 1 of 3 players arrested and charged complete alleged corruption
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By NCA NewsWire

Published: 23:53 EDT, 18 May 2024 | Updated: 23:53 EDT, 18 May 2024

A 'responsible gambling' advertisement has been pulled down aft an A-League subordinate featured successful nan video was charged pinch betting corruption.

Macarthur Football Club subordinate Kearyn Baccus was 1 of 3 players charged connected Friday pursuing an investigation into alleged yellowish paper manipulation.

Just months earlier, nan 32-year-old midfielder had starred successful a Liquor and Gaming NSW run aimed astatine raising consciousness to gambling issues.

The ABC reported successful nan video, since removed from GambleAware NSW's Facebook page, Baccus told group to scope retired for thief if betting was making them stressed.

GambleAware NSW has removed a video of Macarthur FC subordinate Kearyn Baccus. Picture: ABC

Kearyn Baccus - nan older relative of Socceroos prima Keanu Baccus - was 1 of 3 players charged connected Friday

The video was posted connected February 21 and was captioned: 'Kearyn Baccus from Macarthur FC shares really you tin show if you are overdoing it erstwhile it comes to betting.'

Baccus was 1 of 3 players arrested and charged connected Friday, alongside 33-year-old Macarthur FC skipper Ulises Dávila and 27-year-old subordinate Clayton Lewis.

Police allege Mr Davila enlisted 2 different players to deliberately get yellowish cards successful 2 A-League games past twelvemonth earlier rewarding them pinch $10,000 each.

Mr Davila, 33, is primitively from Mexico and was allegedly taking instructions from a man believed to beryllium progressive pinch a criminal group successful South America.

The 3 men were released connected Friday and their matters stay earlier nan courts. No pleas person been entered.

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