Gabby Petito’s father slams Utah police for calling $50M lawsuit a ‘substitute GoFundMe campaign’: ‘Moab still doesn’t get it’

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Gabby Petito’s begetter condemned Utah constabulary officers, who successful an effort to propulsion retired his family’s $50 cardinal suit against them for their alleged nonaccomplishment to prevention his daughter, described nan suit arsenic “a substitute for a GoFundMe campaign.”

The Moab Police Department demanded nan suit beryllium dismissed, refuting claims that their officers grounded to enactment appropriately when they interviewed a distressed Petito connected Aug. 12, 2021 — days earlier she was killed by her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

“Petito’s execution is an undeniable sorrow. Laundrie’s crime was undisputedly depraved. But nan judicial strategy is not a substitute for a GoFundMe campaign,” nan section wrote successful its precocious released filing.

Her father, Joseph Petito, slammed nan section for believing that his family was aft a speedy check.

Gabby Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, slammed nan Moab Police Department for calling nan suit against its officers a “GoFundMe campaign.” AP
Moab constabulary said to Brian Laundrie during a home conflict telephone successful 2021, conscionable earlier he would spell connected to termination Petito. Moab City Police Department/AFP

“Moab still doesn’t get it. This lawsuit has ne'er been astir money,” he said successful a connection to The Post Thursday.

“It has ever been astir seeking accountability and fighting for alteration that will prevention lives,” he added.

“When rule enforcement fails to travel nan law, fails to protect and refuses to study from its mistakes, for illustration nan Moab Police Department, it puts america each astatine risk.”

The Petito family filed a wrongful decease suit against members of nan Moab Police Department successful 2022, accusing nan officers of not decently investigating the domestic conflict betwixt Petito and Laundrie days earlier her murder.  

The bodycam video showed a distressed Petito during nan stop. Moab City Police Department
A selfie shows nan injuries Petito had earlier officers deemed her nan aggressor successful nan incident. Parker McConkie

Although an eyewitness connected nan time of nan incident said they saw Laundrie “slapping his girlfriend,” cops deemed Petito nan “primary aggressor” successful nan dispute, which left her bruised and bloodied.

The officers ne'er arrested Petito aliases Laundrie, alternatively choosing to abstracted them for nan nighttime and leaving Petito successful nan van nan mates had been walking successful while escorting Laundrie to a adjacent motel utilized for home maltreatment survivors.

One of nan cops involved would later admit that Laundrie appeared to beryllium an “emotional threat” to Petito, describing him arsenic personification pinch “more reddish flags than a Chinese communist rally.”

Brian Laundrie would spell connected to termination Gabby Petito earlier taking his ain life weeks later pursuing a frantic manhunt successful a Florida park. Instagram

The Moab constabulary section has denied immoderate wrongdoing, calling connected nan tribunal to disregard nan lawsuit “as a matter of established Utah law.”

“Moab’s constabulary section did not origin Petito’s engagement to Laundrie, her determination to stay pinch him, her determination to proceed driving to Wyoming, aliases Laundrie’s criminal behaviour weeks later,” nan filing reads.

The constabulary section yet based on that they are safe from nan suit nether the Utah Governmental Immunity Act, which grants immunity to authorities agencies successful definite cases.

In their guidance little revenge connected Tuesday, however, nan Petito family based on that their wrongful decease claims are good wrong nan scope of nan Utah Constitution, calling connected nan tribunal to state nan immunity enactment unconstitutional.

“Doing truthful will return Utah rule to its original knowing and reconstruct to those wrong this authorities nan protections intended by Utah’s founders,” the Parker & McConkie rule firm, representing nan Petitos, said successful nan filing.

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