Fury as German police are filmed tearing down Israel hostage posters: Officials are blasted for 'absurd' excuse that officers were protecting 'social peace'

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Berlin officials were accused of playing 'bull**** bingo' aft trying to warrant respective of nan city's officers tearing down posters depicting images of Israeli hostages held by Hamas. 

At slightest 3 uniformed officers were videoed wordlessly taking down posters that stock accusation astir immoderate of nan astir 200 civilians who were taken from Israel into Gaza by Hamas pursuing its deadly October 7 attack. 

The posters were stuck to an advertizing column, understood to beryllium owned and operated by Ilg-Außenwerbung. 

The video, shared to societal media, comes aft constabulary successful London and Manchester were severely criticised for taking down fliers depicting hostages taken into Gaza by Hamas. 

Berlin's main of police, Barbara Slowik, defended nan officers' actions, and said nan officers 'apparently felt compelled to act' upon seeing nan posters. 

The officers reportedly took nan posters down without anyone asking them to, a move that has infuriated many

A constabulary spokesperson told German newspaper Tagesspiegel that nan officers' actions were based connected 'their ain findings'

The truth that taking down nan posters wounded feelings 'affects maine and I regret that extremely,' she added.

It is not presently clear what grounds nan constabulary utilized to warrant taking nan posters down, pinch a constabulary spokesperson telling German newspaper Tagesspiegel that nan officers' actions were based connected 'their ain findings.'

The spokesperson told nan newspaper that location was nary title that prompted nan action, and nary criminal charges were revenge against nan proprietor of nan advertizing column.

Berlin's authorities curate for nan interior, Iris Spranger, tried to warrant nan force's move by claiming that nan posters were torn down to sphere 'security and order', arsenic good arsenic 'social peace.' 

She later admitted that 'the effect of nan action' was achy for nan families of nan hostages, and said she regretted it 'with each my heart.'

But officials were heavy criticised for nan measurement constabulary handled nan situation.

A spokesperson for nan 'Independents' constabulary union, Jörn Badendick, accused Berlin officials of playing 'bull**** bingo.' 

'An mentation that location was a misjudgment would beryllium sufficient. In nan heated temper surrounding nan Middle East conflict, personification whitethorn person feared that personification would consciousness provoked by nan posters,' he told Tagesspiegel

Berlin's governing mayor, Kai Wegner, told BILD: 'The belief that has been created is highly regrettable. There is nary uncertainty successful my mind: our metropolis and our constabulary guidelines by nan victims of coercion and their families.'

Alexander J. Herrmann, a ineligible argumentation spokesperson for nan Christian-Democratic Union party, said: 'In position of nan galore forbidden posters without ineligible announcement successful nan metropolis and besides successful position of nan existing discretion of nan officers, I americium not convinced by nan Berlin police's effort to warrant this.'

Media figures besides attacked Berlin officials, pinch nan governmental editor of Die Welt, Frederik Schindler, penning soon aft nan video circulated: 'This is an absurd mounting of priorities - and a capitulation to those who are bothered by specified posters.'

Social media users were furious pinch Berlin's constabulary force. 

One personification wrote connected X: 'The constabulary are simply excessively cowardly to show civilian courageousness and independence.'

Another said: 'This is called selective justice.'  

The furore successful Germany comes aft British constabulary launched an investigation aft an officer was seen tearing down posters of Israeli hostages successful Manchester, announcing it 'regrets immoderate offence caused'.

Footage showed a constabulary officer, believed to beryllium portion of nan Greater Manchester Police force, tearing down posters of those Israelis held hostage aft being kidnapped by Hamas 

In nan video nan lone officer, believed to beryllium portion of nan Greater Manchester Police force, is seen removing a statement of posters 1 by one, seemingly ignoring calls from distressed passers by connected Bury Road successful Prestwich

Footage shared online showed nan lone serviceman tearing down fliers of those kidnapped by Hamas connected October 7, seemingly ignoring calls from distressed passers by, questioning what they are doing.

One female is heard shouting 'Why is nan constabulary taking this down? Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me', receiving nary consequence while stepping down Bury Road successful Prestwich.

The unit has now confirmed an investigation is underway and will activity to guarantee posters tin proceed to beryllium displayed.

Assistant Chief Constable Wasim Chaudhry told MailOnline: 'We cognize nan ongoing conflict successful nan Middle East is causing awesome distress to members of Greater Manchester’s Jewish organization and our thoughts stay pinch them astatine this time.

'The unit has accrued engagement pinch representatives, including nan Community Security Trust, to guarantee that they consciousness heard and understood by GMP and to guarantee their information wrong nan metropolis and our neighbourhoods.

'We stock concerns raised regarding nan removal of posters successful nan North Manchester area and tin corroborate that an investigation is underway.

Residents of nan section area, location to a sizeable Jewish community, were speedy to respond to nan video, slamming nan actions of nan officers 'disgusting'

Video widely-shared to societal media showed 2 officers opinionated extracurricular Cullimore Chemist successful Edgware, flyers showing nan guiltless missing civilians disconnected nan extracurricular of nan building 

Fury has erupted successful northbound London aft Met Police officers pulled down posters of kidnapped Israeli children to debar inflaming tensions

'The action taken past night, successful consequence to complaints, is contrary to guidance that nan unit had already issued to unit successful narration to flyposting. We will proceed to activity pinch section authorities and nan organization to guarantee posters tin beryllium displayed. We regret immoderate offence caused.'

It comes a time aft 2 Met Police officers were seen tearing down fliers, revealing those who were taken from Israel during Hamas barbaric October 7 attack, extracurricular of Cullimore Chemist successful Edgware, North London.

Some locals successful nan area, which is location to a sizeable Jewish community, person slammed nan officers complete their 'disgusting actions'. But nan Met has insisted they were simply taking steps to 'stop issues escalating' and to 'avoid organization tension'.

In a statement, nan unit said that nan missing posters were hung successful 'retaliation' for comments astir nan Israel-Hamas warfare - including branding Israel and nan IDF arsenic 'filthy animals' - that were posted online by an alleged personnel of nan chemist's staff. Police said a printout of nan remarks was besides hung extracurricular nan shop.

MailOnline has contacted Berlin Police and Ilg-Außenwerbung for comment.  

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