Furious visitors blast Disneyland after it closed 35 rides for inspection when a 3.5 earthquake rocked Anaheim saying: 'The one time I go to Disneyland there's an earthquake and they shut the rides'

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  • Disneyland was besides prompted to adjacent successful 1994 and 2019 owed to earthquakes 

By James Reynolds

Published: 06:25 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 07:24 EST, 5 December 2023

Furious visitors person expressed outrage aft Disneyland was forced to adjacent dozens of rides pursuing an earthquake at nan Anaheim taxable parkland connected Monday.

The 3.5 magnitude tremor struck Fullerton, astir 2 miles northbound of nan site, astir 8:10pm, pinch a mini aftershock reported 20 minutes later.

While nary harm was initially reported, Disneyland unit were forced to adjacent 35 rides, leaving visitors opinionated astir while information checks were made.

'Damage is very improbable but guests will beryllium inconvenienced while rides are inspected,' Disneyland news outlet MiceChat reported connected Tuesday.

Video shared connected TikTok showed scores of Disney fans waiting for rides to reopen precocious connected Monday, captioned 'Disney protocol [shut] everything down until nan occurrence section gives nan spell up to commencement backmost up'.

'The 1 clip I spell to Disneyland there's a f***ing earthquake and they unopen nan rides!' visitant Mikey wrote connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter.

Fan Andrew besides took to X to stock really 'Disneyland shuts down each rides because of a 3.5 earthquake successful Fullerton past they cancel nan castle fireworks!' 

Crowds of group were near opinionated astir aft nan quake struck adjacent Fullerton

Twitter personification Andrew said nan castle's iconic fireworks were cancelled owed to nan earthquake

Visitors said 'thousands' were near pinch thing to do erstwhile rides were closed

Some reported emotion nan earthquake, others said they felt thing successful Anaheim, CA

The 3.5 magnitude quake was not nan first to suspend rides astatine nan tract - besides successful '94 and 2019

A number of disgruntled - and shocked - visitors shared their experiences connected societal media aft nan quake brought an early extremity to their night.

Christine explained: 'So each rides are down astatine Disneyland correct now, rumour is owed to a mini earthquake but nary charismatic announcement truthful thousands of group are conscionable bumbling astir confused.

'It's not great.'

The charismatic Disneyland page connected X has not yet posted astir nan impermanent suspension. 

 X personification Jason wrote: 'Every azygous thrust astatine Disneyland is unopen down aft nan 3.5 earthquake successful Orange County. 

'Shops and exit gates are slammed acold earlier than accustomed today.'

Another personification wrote: 'Earthquake astatine Disneyland and they unopen nan rides down. My aged a** was tired anyway.'

They added: 'We were 45 minutes into nan hr hold for nan Rise of nan Resistance. We'd been waiting for nan cleanable clip each day. It was successful Fullerton. Didn't consciousness a point successful line!' 

John chimed in: 'Nothing for illustration an earthquake conscionable arsenic you're astir to get connected Big Thunder Mountain...' 

Adan, who said he worked astatine nan taxable park, wrote: 'Just felt nan earthquake present astatine activity successful Anaheim adjacent Disneyland. 

'According to room staff, pots and pans were swaying.' 

Disneyland halted rides successful 2019 aft a 7.1 magnitude earthquake deed confederate California, again citing nan request for information inspections.

It was besides promptly closed successful 1995 during nan 6.7 Northridge earthquake, pinch unit required to inspect each nan park's structures. 

General views of Sleeping Beauty Castle astatine Disneyland connected July 15, 2023 successful Anaheim, California

General views of nan Walt Disney 'Partners' statue astatine Disneyland during nan 'Festival of Holidays' ceremony connected November 25, 2023 successful Anaheim, California

Only past Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger said location was 'enough room to build different Disneyland' astatine nan original Anaheim tract 'if we take to do that', according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But nan Disney leader besides admitted his 2nd spell arsenic CEO had been much difficult than expected.

He said: 'I knew that location were myriad challenges that I would look coming back.

'I won't opportunity that it was easy, but I've ne'er 2nd guessed nan determination to travel back, and being backmost still feels great.'