From chocolate and bacon to staying away from MEN! The secrets of living until you're 100, according to centenarians

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Living to observe your 100th day is mostly down to genetics and axenic luck.

But location whitethorn beryllium immoderate elemental ways to boost your chances. That is, if you heed nan proposal of group who've made it that far.

From eating bacon each greeting and gorging connected chocolate, to playing committee games and avoiding men, these are immoderate of nan habits nan oldest group to person ever lived swore by...  

Keeping nan encephalon progressive is nan wont 119-year-old Kane Tanaka successful Japan (top left) swore by earlier she died. But Jessie Gallan of Aberdeen (top right) says staying distant from men helped her unrecorded truthful long. San Francisco-born Maria Branyas Morera (top centre), who is 116, has prioritised surviving a calm existence, while Susannah Mushatt Jones (bottom left), who lived to nan aforesaid age, was known for her emotion of eggs and bacon. Jeanne Calment (bottom centre), who lived to a record-breaking 121, enjoyed cocoa and reddish wine, while Juan Vicente Pérez (bottom right), said of nan value of making clip to return holidays and relax

Kane Tanaka lived until nan property of 119 successful Fukuoka, Japan. She said her favourite foods were cocoa and fizzy drinks

Keep nan encephalon active 

Playing committee games and solving puzzles were favourite pastimes of Kane Tanaka, who was calved January 2, 1903, successful nan southwestern Fukuoka region of Japan.

In 2019, she was classed nan oldest personification live by Guinness World Records and successful April 2022 she died astatine nan property of 119.

In her earlier years, she ran various businesses including a noodle shop and a atom barroom store.

But erstwhile asked by Japan National Tourism Organization in 2020 astir her 'ikigai' — nan Japanese conception that refers to someone's logic for getting up successful nan morning — she said: 'I would opportunity talking to tons of nan people. 

'For maine personally, it's besides playing Othello, nan committee game, and doing maths puzzles.'

Keeping nan encephalon progressive done stimulating activities and socialising has been shown to protect against intelligence diminution successful a swathe of research.

Tanaka besides revealed that her regular daily included waking up astatine 6am and spending nan day studying maths and practising calligraphy. 

And though she said of her emotion for fizzy drinks, java and chocolate, she ne'er said whether she thought that helped her go a centenarian. 

Despite her emotion for sugary drinks and chocolate, she did urge a fewer favourites from her location region of Fukuoka, including Hakata ramen, motsu nabe (offal stew), mentaiko (fish roe) and mizutaki (chicken hotpot).  

Stay tranquil 

San Francisco-born Maria Branyas Morera has prioritised surviving a calm beingness and avoiding 'toxic people' complete nan people of her 116-year life.

San-Francisco calved Maria Branyas has go nan world's oldest personification aged 115 

The 'supercentenarian' — a title fixed to group erstwhile they walk 110 — told Guinness World Records that she credits her longevity connected 'order, tranquillity, bully relationship pinch family and friends, interaction pinch nature, affectional stability, nary worries, nary regrets, tons of positivity and staying distant from toxic people'.

Despite her age, she is progressive connected societal media, often posting connected X, formally known arsenic Twitter, pinch nan thief of her daughter.

In December 2022, she shared tips connected fare and hailed nan wellness benefits of 1 peculiar food.

She wrote connected X: 'And a portion of advice, if you'll let me. In an property erstwhile diets and occurrence foods for well-being and wellness are perpetually emerging, it is basal to rescue yoghurt, a lifelong nutrient pinch an infinite number of affirmative properties for nan body.' 

Yoghurt is simply a bully root of calcium and protein, which is bully for bony and musculus health, according to nan NHS. But location isn't immoderate grounds that eating yoghurt will thief you unrecorded longer. 

Avoid men 

Staying distant from men and eating plentifulness of porridge is nan look to surviving to spot past your 100th birthday, according to Jessie Gallan.

Before she died aged 109 successful 2015, nan centenarian told each her secrets from her attraction location successful Aberdeen. 

Jessie Gallan put her longevity down to eating porridge each time and staying distant from men

She said: 'My concealed to a agelong life has been staying distant from men. They're conscionable much problem than they're worth.' 

'I besides made judge that I sewage plentifulness of exercise, eat a bully lukewarm vessel of porridge each greeting and person ne'er gotten married.' 

Porridge is simply a wholegrain, which is thought to trim nan consequence of bosom disease, changeable and type 2 diabetes by up to 30 per cent erstwhile consumed regularly arsenic portion of a patient diet, according to nan British Dietetic Association. 

Eat bacon and eggs

Four strips of bacon, eggs and crushed maize each greeting whitethorn not sound for illustration nan healthiest breakfast, but it saw Susannah Mushatt Jones to nan property of 116.

Before nan Brooklynite died successful May 2016, she put her aged property down to bully nutrient and early nights. 

Susannah Mushatt Jones lived to spot nan property of 116 and she put it each down to her emotion of bacon

The ace centenarian, who utilized to spell to furniture astatine 7pm each nighttime and get 10 hours of sleep, swore by eating bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast every day, according to an adjutant astatine nan Brooklyn elder centre wherever she lived.

'She'll eat bacon each time long,' they told nan New York Post.

However, processed meats for illustration bacon, sausages and ham person been shown to beryllium a wellness risk. The NHS warns eating a batch of reddish and processed meats increases your consequence of bowel cancer. 

Processed nutrient refers to nutrient that has been preserved done curing, smoking aliases salting aliases conscionable adding preservatives.

But it's not conscionable bacon that kept her going, Jones besides was known to bask small luxuries.

Her niece, Selbra Mushatt, told TIME in 2014: 'One time, erstwhile she had to get an EKG (heart scan), nan doctors and nurses were amazed to spot her wearing that lingerie, and she said, 'Oh sure, you tin ne'er get excessively aged to deterioration fancy stuff'.' 

Eat chocolate 

Jeanne Calment is officially nan oldest personification to ever live. 

But she did not travel immoderate strict diets aliases interest astir her health. Instead, she smoked, drank reddish vino and ate chocolate, according to archives of her colourful life.

Jeanne Calment died successful 1997 astatine nan property of 121 and said she ate plentifulness of cocoa arsenic good arsenic drinking reddish vino and smoking

As good arsenic having a saccharine tooth, she besides enjoyed fois gras and a rich | section stew. 

She died successful 1997 astatine nan property of 121 and it was only erstwhile she was 117 that doctors suggested she should discontinue smoking and enactment disconnected nan wine. 

Calment, who enjoyed playing tennis and roller-skating successful her youth, claimed to person met Vincent van Gogh successful 1888 erstwhile he visited her family's shop to bargain a canvas and described him arsenic 'very ugly'. 

There is immoderate evidence, however, that chocolate, particularly dark, could really beryllium bully for you owed to being precocious successful flavanols. 

Studies suggest that eating foods rich | successful nan earthy compound, which besides see apples, berries and greenish tea, could amended vascular wellness and trim nan consequence of cardiovascular disease. 

Make clip to relax 

Juan Vicente Mora from Venezuela starts his time pinch a cup of java pinch a solid of aguardiente

The world's oldest surviving man celebrated his 114th day successful May — and he credits making clip to relax and a section sugarcane hooch for his longevity. 

Juan Vicente Pérez, from Venezuela, starts his time pinch a cup of java pinch a solid of aguardiente, which is simply a tone made from sugarcane.

Aguardiente translates into English arsenic firewater and it has a minimum of 29 per cent alcohol, though some person arsenic overmuch arsenic 60 per cent. 

Pérez gave nan proposal astatine his 113th day to 'work hard, remainder connected holidays, spell to furniture early, portion a solid of aguardiente each day, emotion God and ever transportation him successful your heart'. 

However, it is not advised to portion intoxicant each day. In fact, men and women are advised to not portion much than 14 units a week connected a regular basis, according to nan NHS. This equates to six pings of brew aliases 10 mini glasses of wine.

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