From AI-generated wallpapers to flashing notifications: The new Android 14 features you didn't know about

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Owners of Google Pixel phones person been enjoying nan latest Android 14 for a fewer days now, exploring nan caller AI-powered fastener screen, flash notifications and more.

Android updates are nary longer officially named aft desserts, but they are still internally code-named aft saccharine treats - Android 14 is Upside-Down Cake, and nan robot mascot is simply a handstand.

However, nan sanction displacement does not mean nan features are little delicious. 

Google owners tin scan QR codes faster, spot wellness information successful 1 spot and supply pin protection.  

The update will rotation out ‘this year’ to phones from Samsung Galaxy, iQOO, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi, Google promises.

Below are nan caller Android 14 features. 

The caller OS update is codenamed Upside-Down Cake - hence, nan Google Android mascot is upside-down (Google) 

AI-powered fastener surface options

You tin do overmuch much pinch your fastener surface successful Android 15, including customizing fonts, widgets and colors.

There are besides immoderate tremendous AI-powered options - specified arsenic if nan upwind is taking a move for nan worse, your fastener surface upwind widget will go much visible.

To alteration your fastener surface options (once you’ve installed Android 14), spell to Wallpaper and Style > Lock screen.

Or you tin entree it by tapping and holding your fastener screen, past choosing ‘Customize fastener screen’ (you’ll beryllium prompted to do this aft installing Android 14).

You tin customize nan font and colour of your fastener surface (Google) 

Scan QR codes faster

On erstwhile versions of Android OS, accessing QR codes successful a edifice is simply a slow process - you tin now adhd a shortcut to your fastener surface to entree it directly.

You tin besides entree nan fastener screen's different functions for illustration camera and torch direct.

To alteration this, spell to Wallpaper and Style > Lock surface > Shortcuts, wherever you tin manually set which apps are disposable connected nan fastener surface from a paper including Torch, Video Camera, Wallet and Do Not Disturb.

Create AI wallpaper

This characteristic allows you to usage AI text-to-image models to create wallpapers - either from pre-set suggestions aliases freestyling it from matter commands.

The wallpaper app generates AI wallpaper from elemental matter prompts (Google) 

The characteristic is presently restricted to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro but is coming to different phones later, Google promises.

If you're fortunate capable to person a caller Pixel 8, pat Wallpaper & style > More wallpapers > AI wallpaper.

Choose a taxable to create your AI-generated wallpaper.

Tap Inspire maine to get a random wallpaper for your chosen prompt.

Flashes alternatively of sound for notifications

It’s not really socially acceptable to person your telephone bleeping, ringing and pinging successful 2023, and Android 14 introduces options to person your surface aliases camera flash instead.

The usability is akin to ones disposable connected Samsung and iOS devices, but hasn’t been portion of Android until now.

You tin make your surface flash immoderate colour you for illustration erstwhile you get a notification (Google)

The Android type allows you to take 1 aliases some options and prime nan colour of nan flash.

To move these on, spell to Settings > Notifications > Flash notifications and move connected either Camera Flash aliases Screen Flash.

To alteration nan colour of nan surface flash, conscionable pat connected Screen Flash and alteration it to immoderate colour you want retired of 16 options.

PIN protection

The caller type of Android makes it harder for thieves to ‘read’ your PIN complete your enarthrosis - but much accessible to participate it.

The caller update offers nan action to move disconnected surface animations arsenic you participate your PIN - making it harder for thieves to spot what you entered.

You nary longer person to deed ‘Enter’ aft your six-digit PIN - nan telephone unlocks automatically.

To move nan enhanced privateness action on, spell to Settings > Security and privateness > Device Unlock, pat nan cog instrumentality and take Enhanced PIN Privacy.

See wellness information successful 1 place

Health Connect lets you power each your wellness information successful 1 spot (Google) 

Lots of america usage Android smartphones to negociate information from wellness wearables, and Android 14 now lets you stitchery that information successful 1 place.

It’s akin to functions successful iOS, and allows you afloat power complete app entree to wellness information specified arsenic measurement counts.

To commencement utilizing Health Connect, spell to Privacy > Health Connect.

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