Francis Ngannou reveals what he said to Tyson Fury when he KNOCKED DOWN the heavyweight champion in their crossover clash in Saudi Arabia

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  • Francis Ngannou knocked down Tyson Fury successful nan 3rd information of their fight 
  • He has revealed what he said to Fury erstwhile he put him down pinch a near hook
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By Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 06:41 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 08:42 EDT, 31 October 2023

Francis Ngannou has revealed what he told Tyson Fury erstwhile he sent him to nan canvas during their immense crossover boxing lucifer successful Saudi Arabia connected Saturday night.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou was a immense underdog heading into his first-ever boxing conflict against nan WBC heavyweight king Fury, but he shocked nan world by knocking nan 'Gypsy King' down successful nan 3rd information pinch a near hook.

Fury sewage backmost to his feet and went connected to win a arguable divided decision, but location is nary doubting nan infinitesimal of nan conflict that will unrecorded agelong successful nan memory.

As Fury deed nan deck, Ngannou was seen dancing complete him earlier moving to nan neutral corner. He has now admitted he could not defy aiming a excavation astatine Fury arsenic he was sat down aft remembering what had been said to him conscionable moments earlier nan conflict started. 

'When we touched gloves, he was for illustration "let maine return you to school". I'm for illustration "you motherf*****, you're not taking maine to school!"' Ngannou explained connected his YouTube channel. 

Francis Ngannou knocked Tyson Fury down and past danced complete him connected Saturday night

Ngannou has now revealed what he was saying to Fury erstwhile he sent him to nan canvas

'That's why erstwhile I knocked him down I was dancing successful beforehand (of him) for illustration "you're a bad professor, motherf*****! You're a bad professor. How is that schoolhouse going? Who is taking who to school?" Because for me, it looks for illustration I'm nan 1 taking you to school.'

When Ngannou knocked Fury down, it looked for illustration 1 of nan biggest shocks successful boxing history was firmly connected nan cards.

Fury fought his measurement backmost into nan contest, but Ngannou still had plentifulness of occurrence successful nan second rounds, and erstwhile nan last doorbell rang many fans felt nan Cameroonian-born prima had done enough to get his manus raised.

Ngannou besides believes he should person been declared nan winner, and wants nan judges to beryllium punished arsenic he feels he was ne'er fixed a adjacent chance owed to being a newcomer to nan athletics taking connected an established champion.

'I'm assured that I won that fight. I wasn't amazed for what happened,' he added.

'I'm unsocial successful this game. I conscionable came from different athletics and there's a structure, a coagulated business and past you conscionable travel to rob that. Imagine if I'd person walked retired of location pinch that loop aliases pinch him being defeated for nan first time.

'I knew it wasn't going to happen. I deliberation it's a shame for boxing, though, and those judges they should beryllium sanctioned. I want to understand why those judges judge for illustration that, because for me, to beryllium honest, I don't attraction that overmuch astir that decision, but I deliberation those benignant of decisions messiness up a batch of people's careers.'

Ngannou had plentifulness of occurrence during nan 10-round contest, and felt he won nan fight

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