France moves to tighten up Airbnb rules amid row over short-term lets

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The deregulation of nan tourer rental marketplace is not conscionable a French concern. Other countries person been considering nan matter for immoderate years.

French politicians person passed a rule to make it harder for group to rent retired their spot connected Airbnb for short-term lets.

The caller rule has cross-party support aimed astatine amended regulating nan furnished letting marketplace for tourer accommodation. In peculiar it has tackled a much-criticised taxation loophole that benefits short-term rental platforms. The rule besides returns immoderate powerfulness to mayors to tackle nan French lodging crisis. It should return effect successful early autumn.

Some politicians connected nan correct had been reluctant to support nan alteration and immoderate measures of nan measure person been weakened while politicians connected nan near person called for moreover tougher measures.

A statement to regulate, but not connected how.

The alteration intends taxation alleviation connected income from letting furnished tourer accommodation is being trim to 30% from nan erstwhile - and coming - level of 71%. 

In addition, location are plans for nan wide preamble of a registration number for each rentals of furnished tourer accommodation, a monitoring instrumentality agelong requested by French mayors to let them to person amended power of nan improvement of their lodging stock. It besides regulates nan proliferation of 2nd homes by allowing section councils to restrict caller building successful definite areas to superior residences. 

Airbnb's managing head for France and Belgium, Clément Eulry, has said he is mostly successful favour of nan caller rules.

A problem that extends beyond France's borders

The deregulation of nan spot marketplace done tourer rentals is not conscionable a French phenomenon. The European Union and personnel countries person been dealing pinch nan rumor for respective years.

Several European capitals and cities person already taken measures to protect themselves. 

Amsterdam makes Airbnb salary nan tourer taxation and imposes a limit of 60 rental days per twelvemonth connected owners, pinch a fund of €1 cardinal to way down offenders. Berlin has a rule that bans renting retired an full spot overnight and limits rentals to 1 room pinch a permit, pinch nan consequence of a €100,000 good for non-compliance. 

Barcelona requires a licence for tourer rentals, imposes a tax, and limits rentals to 2 rooms pinch nan resident owner, pinch dense penalties for non-compliance. Dublin requires permits to rent successful nan Temple Bar area. Lisbon has signed a woody pinch Airbnb which involves location sharing and paying tourer tax.

Airbnb was erstwhile taxable to a €779 cardinal seizure by nan Italian authorities, who accused it of failing to cod taxation connected rental income received by owners betwixt 2017 and 2021.

The European Parliament states that betwixt 2019 and 2023, nan number of highest nights increased, rising from 96.9 cardinal monthly nights successful August 2019 to 124.7 cardinal monthly nights successful August 2023.

A European inaugural to guarantee effective regularisation of nan short-term rental market.

The European Commission and its governing bodies are trying to harmonise authorities crossed nan 27 personnel states and person agreed to summation nan transparency of short-term rentals and beforehand sustainable tourism. 

The measures see an online registration process for hosts successful nan EU, offering a registration number to facilitate recognition and verification by authorities. Online platforms will person to, among different things, verify spot specifications and transportation retired spot checks, pinch authorities capable to suspend registrations and enforce fines for non-compliance.

The European Parliament besides approved caller rules for a responsible and transparent short-term rental assemblage successful February 2024. Once adopted by nan Council, Member States will person 24 months to instrumentality nan caller rules.

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