Former NHL star Trent McCleary - who survived a near-fatal accident on the ice - says he has had flashbacks after Adam Johnson tragedy: 'I'm human - it's a horrible accident'

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  • Trent McCleary could not respire aft being deed successful nan cervix by a changeable successful 2000
  • Adam Johnson died aft his pharynx was trim by nan leaf of an opponent
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By Daniel Matthews For Dailymail.Com

Published: 09:11 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 09:31 EDT, 1 November 2023

Trent McCleary, who cheated decease during an crystal lucky crippled successful 2000, has opened up connected nan trauma of proceeding Adam Johnson had been killed connected nan ice - and why he refuses to watch immoderate footage of nan fatal incident.

The athletics is successful mourning pursuing nan 'freak accident' which saw Nottingham Panthers subordinate Johnson killed successful England connected Saturday.

The 29-year-old died successful beforehand of 8,000 horrified fans aft his pharynx was trim by nan leaf of an opponent, Sheffield Steelers' Matt Petgrave.

McCleary played for nan Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens earlier his profession was ended successful 2000, erstwhile he took a slap changeable to nan throat. He could not respire and fell unconscious earlier being rushed to nan hospital. 

Nearly a 4th of a period on, McCleary suffered flashbacks pursuing news of Johnson's death.

Ice lucky is successful mourning pursuing nan 'freak accident' which saw Adam Johnson killed

Trent McCleary could not respire aft he took a slap changeable to nan pharynx during a crippled successful 2000

'Absolutely. I’m human,' he told nan New York Post. 'I perfectly consciousness for his family, for his friends. It’s a horrible accident.'

McCleary has chosen not to watch clips of nan fatal accident. 'I’ve ne'er seen nan video, and I don’t want to,' he explained. 

'But I tin only ideate because I’ve seen nan Clint Malarchuk video. I’ve seen nan Richard Zednik video. It’s thing you don’t really request to see.'

Malarchuk, nan erstwhile Buffalo Sabres’ goaltender, survived his cervix being sliced by a leaf backmost successful 1989. He suffered from OCD, depression, addiction, worry and moreover attempted termination aft a akin incident involving Zednik successful 2008.

Johnson seen seconds earlier nan freak incident, when his pharynx was trim by a player's blade

Richard Zednik (centre) suffered a akin wounded during an NHL lucifer backmost successful 2008

The NHL is now 'strongly recommending' nan usage of cervix guards but has yet to make them mandatory. McCleary, who suffered a fractured larynx and collapsed lung, was forced to past connected a liquid fare for six weeks. 

He would promote players to deterioration other protection but understands why players don't want to usage a cervix guard. His son, who plays successful nan WHL, chooses not to.  

'You could person Kevlar from fundamentally wrist to precocious cervix to ankles, and everybody should perfectly person (a cervix guard),' McCleary said. 

'But getting everybody to deterioration it consistently, that would beryllium an issue. People conscionable don’t want to. They don’t consciousness for illustration they person to until you spot an result for illustration Adam Johnson.'

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