Former Man City starlet and Premier League defender announces shock retirement on 27th birthday after two-year struggle with knee injury

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  • The erstwhile City younker skipper said he will 'always cherish' his shot memories
  • He played for 5 different clubs and was won an grant arsenic a young player 
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By Luke Power For Mailonline

Published: 12:56 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 12:58 EDT, 1 November 2023

A erstwhile Manchester City and Sheffield United defender has announced his daze status astatine nan property of 27. 

The subordinate revealed nan determination connected his day aft a two-year conflict pinch a knee injury. 

His profession was a circuit of nan Football League system, arsenic he plied his waste and acquisition for clubs little down nan pyramid specified arsenic Oldham Athletic and Bury alongside Premier League outfits. 

He spent immoderate clip pinch West Brom towards nan extremity of his profession but wasn't capable to retrieve capable to play again and was released successful May.

After considering nan proposal of aesculapian professionals, he has hung up his boots. 

A erstwhile Manchester City younker skipper has announced his status from shot aged 27

Kean Bryan has revealed that he is hanging up his boots aft a conflict pinch a knee injury

He turned retired for Sheffield United successful their 2020/21 Premier League play and played for aggregate EFL clubs

Kean Bryan has called clip connected his master shot career. 

He has captained Man City's younker squad and was Oldham's Young Player of nan Season successful 2017/18 but only made 66 elder appearances. 

He managed 13 appearances successful Sheffield United's 2020/21 Premier League campaign.  

In an Instagram statement, he wrote: 'Chapter 27. A twelvemonth of caller beginnings for me.. I would for illustration to denote my status from master football. After 2 agelong years battling pinch my knee injury, unfortunately, aft aesculapian advice, it's clip to opportunity goodbye to nan crippled of football.

'Just a lad who grew up connected a assembly property successful Gorton pinch dreams of 1 time being a master footballer & that dream came true. To play successful nan Premier League and correspond immoderate of nan biggest clubs successful England is thing I will ever cherish and beryllium proud of.

'I want to convey everyone who helped maine execute my dream.. my mum & measurement dada who are nary longer pinch us, who drove up and down nan state to support maine from nan property of 10, I will everlastingly beryllium grateful for everything you some done for me. My 2 sisters and small relative who person ever been my biggest fans. My fiancé who has been a stone for maine successful specified a difficult play successful my life, I will ne'er beryllium capable to repay you for nan support you springiness me. And of course, my 2 boys who without knowing person made this difficult determination truthful overmuch easier I emotion you some unconditionally.

'I look guardant to nan adjacent section successful my life. Thank you everyone for your support complete nan years. Peace & Love KB.'


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