Forget New York Tourist Traps—This Brooklyn Hotel Gives You The Hyper-Local Experience

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's nan onshore of eternal irony, wherever creation galleries double arsenic artisanal pickle shops and section baristas moonlight arsenic fire-wheeling contortionists. Where nan cobblestoned streets witnesser an endless parade of tattoos, beards, and vintage threads, and dive bars supply refuge to nan neighborhood’s ever-increasing organization of hipsters, artists, punks, and poets.

Born of business grit and blue-collar tenacity, Williamsburg’s graffiti-covered walls erstwhile whispered tales of shipyards and factories. Post-gentrification, nan connection of nan streets began to change. The communicative of defiance shifted into a much refined dialect—a fusion of socio-political commentary, nostalgia for a bygone era, and a subtle wink to nan neighborhood's new, monied residents. (See nan block-long wall of NFTs.)

Williamsburg's NFT mural

Laura Parker

When hotels first began to look successful Williamsburg, nan premier existent property was down by nan waterfront, pinch its panoramic views of nan Manhattan skyline and proximity to Bedford Avenue’s bars and eateries. Brave, then, to unfastened a caller edifice connected nan different broadside of nan BQE, adjacent to nan separator of East Williamsburg—an area that still retains nan grizzled charm of aged Brooklyn.

But that’s precisely what IHG’s Hotel Indigo did. The boutique marque is simply a cleanable fresh for Williamsburg—it’s hip, design-forward, and embraces pastels. Designed by Bushwick-based interior creation patient Cl-oth Interiors, nan 187-room edifice blends retro and modern styles, reflecting nan neighborhood’s ain translator from its humble business beginnings producing sweetener and java for Manhattan’s well-heeled residents to today’s hodgepodge of locals.

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

Dig a small deeper, and you’ll find moreover much subtle nods to Williamsburg’s history: nan graffiti wall that adorns nan Metropolitan Avenue broadside of nan edifice is simply a colorful mural designed by section creator Fernando "SKI" Romero, and is inspired by Brooklyn’s creator heritage. The edifice besides strives to activity pinch section businesses and artisans whenever it can: guests tin prosecute bespoke bikes from Brooklyn Bicycle Co., a Williamsburg-based institution founded successful 2011, to thrust astir town; while successful nan lobby, BKG Coffee Roasters has group up imperishable shop—founded successful 2003 by 3 brothers, nan java company’s flagship shop is conscionable a 10-minute thrust southbound of nan hotel.

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

Last month, nan Hotel Indigo marque launched an world trading campaign, The World’s Neighborhood Hotel, to observe its longstanding belief that neighborhoods are nan existent bosom of nan cities we visit. A caller online study conducted by nan marque of 6,015 travelers aged 25-44 crossed nan US, UK, Australia, Japan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia recovered that 73% of respondents said emotion connected to section neighborhoods erstwhile they recreation inspired adventure, nan desire to effort caller things, and gathering caller people, while 63% said they made awesome life changes owed to their experiences connected a trip.

Officially rolling retired this period successful a phased attack globally, nan run is designed to observe really guests tin discover, aliases rediscover, immoderate of nan astir inspiring and culturally rich | neighborhoods successful and extracurricular nan hotel: from a unsocial action of vinyl Shibuya-Kei records successful each impermanent room astatine Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya and infused elements reminiscent of Old Hollywood astatine Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown, to Hotel Indigo Brussels only utilizing locally originated ingredients successful its restaurant, and each level of Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown featuring section artwork.

With study results besides uncovering that 55% of travelers person changed their plans because of a proposal from a local, Hotel Indigo says it will besides beryllium creating civilization vicinity guides done strategical partnerships to further spark a desire to acquisition an authentically section stay.

To find retired more, we said pinch Brandon Pakula, caput of marque creation for IHG's premium brands, to get a deeper penetration into Hotel Indigo's creation ethos and its dedication to moving pinch section businesses and artists successful each organization wherever a Hotel Indigo exists.

Design plays a pivotal domiciled successful creating a consciousness of spot and capturing nan warmth and characteristic of a property. Tell maine a small astir Hotel Indigo's wide creation ethos and really this is played retired astatine different properties (feel free to usage examples).

Each edifice originates pinch a vicinity communicative that becomes nan blueprint for really we bring each spot to life. It underpins everything from creation and décor to our work style and nan dishes we service successful our restaurants.

We leverage that communicative to create an underlying, chopped constituent of view, vibe, spirit, cognition for each spot that helps guideline wide style cues, rubbing everything from colour palettes to materials and finishes. It besides allows america to play pinch nosy specifications that mightiness not beryllium truthful obvious, and weave successful much subtle creation touches that spark guests’ liking and excite their curiosity.

Here are immoderate caller examples:

  • Hotel Indigo Stratford Upon Avon pays homage to nan birthplace of Shakespeare and nan location of nan celebrated Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Guest rooms widen nan building’s preserved Tudor charm, blending a rustic charm pinch a modern sophistication. In addition, a operation of ancient furnishings pieces and modern fixtures purpose to create a modern abstraction that celebrates nan past pinch a present-day twist, specified arsenic nan doorway numbers, which evoke a writer’s wax seal; accepted English patterns are draped complete modern forms, accented by lukewarm metals and rich | woods; and artwork takes a playful tone, pinch nods to Shakespeare and nan conception of Stratford arsenic “The World’s Stage.”
  • The creation of Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown is inspired by nan Golden Age of Hollywood, infusing elements from underground speakeasies and tunnels, nan Fiesta de las Flores parade, nan budding Hollywood movie industry, arsenic good arsenic historical Chinatown. The freely guestrooms are inspired by nan soundstages of nan 1920s. Black and achromatic artwork overlays portraits of a bygone Los Angeles, complimented by campaign-style furnishings and a striking spa-inspired bath pinch high-end amenities.

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

How do you deliberation Hotel Indigo’s unsocial attack to creation enhances nan impermanent experience? I’d emotion for you to talk specifically astir Hotel Indigo Williamsburg successful this answer.

Ultimately, nan extremity is to create a consciousness of spot that feels due to wherever you are: we don’t want you to consciousness for illustration you’re conscionable successful immoderate space, we want you to consciousness for illustration you’re successful that vicinity from nan infinitesimal you locomotion in. W

With Hotel Indigo Williamsburg-Brooklyn specifically, we focused connected milky, soft pastels arsenic portion of our colour palette that harken backmost to nan communicative down java and sweetener waste and acquisition – which drove nan translator of this vicinity and a bequest that lives connected successful Brooklyn’s java culture.

Design often serves arsenic a span betwixt a edifice and nan section community. How does Hotel Indigo foster relationships pinch its neighborhoods done its creation choices?

We look to nan vicinity for much than conscionable design-inspiration. Every edifice gives america an opportunity to partner pinch section craftspeople, vendors, trades, artists, etc. to thief bring our imagination to life successful an authentic way. It’s thing we talk astir from nan very opening of each project, and it’s cardinal to astir everything we do. For example:

  • Hotel Indigo Athens Downtown – Univ Area collaborated pinch a section millworker (Sons of Sawdust) to make 60+ unsocial pieces of furnishings for nan hotel, and nan murals and doorway numbers successful nan Hotel Indigo El Paso Downtown were made by a section creator and metallic worker, respectively.
  • Every level astatine Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown was curated by a different section creator and has 200+ pieces of curated creation passim nan property.

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

Hotel Indigo Williamsburg

The latest world trading campaign, "The World’s Neighborhood Hotel," is centered astir nan thought of nan vicinity changing one's world. How does Hotel Indigo embody this conception successful some creation and impermanent experiences?

Breaking from regular successful a spot you person ne'er been to tin person agelong lasting effects connected a person’s perspective. We want to admit and observe this pinch our caller campaign.

In position of creation and really that translates into impermanent experience, we often talk about/take an attack to uniting nan caller and nan known to create these welcoming, beautiful environments that make guests consciousness some comfortable and inspired. And we excavation each azygous opportunity to create “aha!” moments for our guests. We don’t return immoderate creation constituent for granted – whether it beryllium a doorway pull, stitching connected nan headboard, shape connected nan interior of a closet, we deliberation very profoundly astir really we tin weave nan vicinity - its people, places, and traditions - into each facet of nan impermanent experience.

When we acquisition nan characteristic of a vicinity – of its traditions, of its people, etc. – wrong a edifice aliases beyond its walls, our perspectives change. We spot things differently; our world expands conscionable a bit, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Hotel Indigo Nashville

Hotel Indigo

Can you stock an illustration of a circumstantial Hotel Indigo creation constituent aliases characteristic that has a profound effect connected guests' wide stay? 

Just arsenic nary 2 neighborhoods are alike, nary 2 Hotel Indigo properties are alike. However, location is simply a thread connecting each our hotels from a creation perspective, and that is nan infinitesimal of arrival. When a impermanent walks into a Hotel Indigo property, we want to create an indelible, striking effect that leaves a lasting impression. This tin beryllium subtle aliases dramatic, but we want to connection a temper shift. A consciousness that you’ve arrived someplace typical and embracing.

Hotel Indigo often collaborates pinch section artists and craftspeople to infuse authenticity into its design. Can you stock immoderate memorable collaborations aliases stories from these partnerships?

There are truthful many, but a fewer examples that travel to mind:

  • Athens University Area Downtown – we collaborated pinch section millworkers, Sons of Sawdust, to build much than 60 unsocial pieces of furnishings for hotel.
  • Columbus astatine Riverfront Place – artwork from section artisans adorns nan full lobby, from woven installations to hand-crafted ray fixtures.
  • Grand Cayman (opening outpouring 2024) – artwork successful nan impermanent room was developed successful business pinch a group of section artists and ceramicists.
  • Nashville – The Countrypolitan – we collaborated pinch section state artist, Nikki Lane, connected nan broader creation conception of nan hotel, yet starring to america creating a surviving room vibe successful nan lobby/bar area; you’ll besides find artwork from a fistful of section artists passim (as good arsenic musicians)
  • Atlanta Downtown – we teamed up pinch designer John Portman’s archivist to spell done aged sketches, model, and artifacts, to tie inspiration from for nan hotel

Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya

Hotel Indigo

Sustainability and eco-consciousness are becoming progressively important successful creation and travel. How does Hotel Indigo incorporated sustainability into its creation practices, and what are nan benefits?

We’re incredibly intentional astir each our creation choices, and that starts astatine nan very opening pinch nan building’s architecture. Beyond selecting much natural, eco-friendly materials, we person respective examples of adaptive reuse projects successful our portfolio, which are not only much sustainable choices, but awesome ways to grant nan characteristic of a historical building while transforming it into a stylish, modern hotel. With these hotels, our attack is ever centered around, “How do we sphere nan communicative wrong these walls?” “How tin we observe these quirks alternatively than portion aliases disguise them?”

There’s besides lawsuit wherever we’ve salvaged materials from nan surrounding organization arsenic good and repurposed them into unsocial features passim nan hotel. For example, astatine Hotel Indigo Columbus astatine Riverfront Place, we repurposed aged floorboards from adjacent factories and utilized them to create elevator landings to show a story.

Design trends are ever-evolving. What are immoderate of nan latest creation trends that Hotel Indigo embraces, and really do they bespeak nan brand's committedness to invention and individuality?

Because our creation attack is rooted successful nan thought of bringing to life a chopped vicinity story, our edifice designs tin unrecorded beyond a much fleeting trend. This allows america to show up successful a measurement that feels authentic to nan neighborhood, sloppy of what mightiness beryllium trending successful nan moment. Our spot lies successful this flexibility, and allows america to merge touches of section culture, history and flair while still being modern and stylish.

Hotel Indigo Melbourne connected Flinders

Hotel Indigo

Could you talk immoderate breathtaking upcoming projects aliases description s wrong nan Hotel Indigo brand?

There’s a large attraction connected MLAC for nan marque correct now fixed its proximity to nan US, and desire for much manner brands successful region. Notable upcoming openings you tin expect from Hotel Indigo successful 2024 see Cayman Islands, Barbados, La Paz and more.

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