Footy superstar Nathan Cleary shares an album of pics from his huge offseason holiday - but doesn't include a single photo of girlfriend Mary Fowler

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  • NRL ace revealed vacation snaps successful societal media post 
  • Included pics of him astatine an oceanside wedding, astatine races 
  • Has enjoyed a whirlwind fewer weeks since expansive last win
  • READ MORE: The infinitesimal Cleary & Fowler confirmed their romance

By Shayne Bugden For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 18:25 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 18:25 EST, 21 November 2023

NRL prima Nathan Cleary has ticked disconnected his fans connected societal media by failing to see his shot ace woman Mary Fowler successful a action of photos showing disconnected what he's been up to successful nan offseason.

The 26-year-old has enjoyed an unthinkable fewer weeks of partying and overseas trips since he steered Penrith to nan premiership pinch a stunning, come-from-behind triumph complete Brisbane connected October 1 - but anyone going done his medium of shots connected Instagram could beryllium forgiven for reasoning he'd ne'er hooked up pinch Fowler.

Their romance became nan biggest athletics communicative successful nan state erstwhile Daily Mail Australia exclusively revealed nan shirtless Panthers halfback enjoying immoderate tender moments pinch nan Manchester City star in a parkland connected October 31.

Cleary's Instagram station showed him surviving it up astatine a stunning oceanside wedding - but his woman Mary Fowler was obscurity to beryllium seen successful his vacation photograph album

The mates delighted sports fans of each stripes erstwhile Daily Mail Australia captured exclusive photos of them sharing immoderate tender moments successful a Perth parkland successful October

While nan NRL prima has been partying successful nightclubs and jetting disconnected to Bali and New York, Fowler has been playing for English giants Manchester City

Cleary's followers connected Instagram couldn't hold to fto him cognize he'd stuffed up by not including photos of his shot ace emotion interest

Social media erupted pinch memes astir them dating before nan mates said their goodbyes astatine Perth airport as she flew backmost to England to play successful nan Women's Super League.

Since past Cleary has been pictured partying successful New York and rubbing shoulders pinch NFL greats as good arsenic attending UFC 295 astatine Madison Square Garden and catching an NBA game successful Philadelphia.

He besides lived it up successful immoderate Bali hotspots earlier journeying to Perth to spot Fowler play successful nan Matildas' Olympic qualifying matches. 

The photos he posted connected Tuesday nighttime show him relaxing poolside successful beforehand of a spectacular sunset while recovering from nan knee wounded he suffered successful nan expansive last and partying successful a nightclub pinch mates Ben Mercer and Reece Iaria.

His slideshow past shifts to him enjoying a brew astatine a stunning oceanside wedding, hitting nan outpouring carnival racing pinch 2 friends, taking successful a sunset astatine an Aussie formation and resting up astatine what appears to beryllium a edifice successful nan tropics.

Cleary's followers connected societal media loved nan station but were mystified astir why Fowler wasn't featured.

'We request fowler content,' 1 wrote, pinch different follower sharing a gif of nan shot prima looking astir successful confusion.

Cleary besides posted a mates of shots of him taking successful nan outpouring racing pinch mates

The prima has been resting his injured near knee successful immoderate beautiful spectacular spots arsenic he lives it up earlier rejoining Penrith for preseason training connected December 8

Wish you were here? The 26-year-old included a fewer dazzling sunsets successful his Instagram post, pinch this 1 nan prime of nan bunch

Other comments included respective mentions of 'Where is Mary?' on pinch 'Next extremity Manchester please!', 'How's Mary Fowler?' and 'Mary didn't bull a feature'.

Fowler liked nan post, which was captioned 'Off play Pt.1' - leaving fans hoping she'll characteristic successful early shots of Cleary's holiday.

His station comes aft athletics fans accused Real Madrid shot superstar Jude Bellingham of trying to make a move connected Fowler when he was very speedy to for illustration a bid of photos she showed disconnected connected Instagram.

'Jude Bellingham liked this station wrong 4 minutes Damn,' 1 keen perceiver posted.

'Babe driblet him, Jude is correct thurrrrr,' added another.

The expansive last leader sewage to meet NBA stars including Boston's Jayson Tatum (pictured) erstwhile he took successful a hoops crippled successful Philadelphia aft partying successful New York

While Fowler is owed to play for City until their play finishes connected May 18 adjacent year, her fellow is owed backmost astatine preseason training for nan Panthers connected December 8.

The mates could reunite erstwhile Fowler comes backmost to Australia for a instrumentality arena featuring her Matildas teammates Alanna Kennedy and Mackenzie Arnold connected December 21 astatine Sydney's CommBank Stadium, which is simply a half-hour thrust from Cleary's location successful Penrith.

His different caller station astir his holidays saw him gathering stars from NBA powerhouses nan Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers.

Previous to that he lived it up successful New York nightlife basking spot Loosie pinch teammates Damon McCarthy and Mitch Kenny successful an early ceremony for his day connected November 14.