Footy superstar Nathan Cleary is pictured partying in Bali just days before flying to Perth to romance Matildas young gun Mary Fowler

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  • Images person surfaced of Nathan Cleary partying successful Bali
  • NRL superstar past dashed to Perth to spot Mary Fowler
  • It is believed nan high-profile sporting brace are dating

By Andrew Prentice For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 01:09 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 01:09 EDT, 1 November 2023

Photos of Nathan Cleary partying successful Bali earlier jetting into Perth to spot his partner Mary Fowler show nan NRL superstar isn't letting a knee ligament tear ruin his off-season.

The 25-year-old, who orchestrated a singular comeback successful nan Grand Final last period against nan Broncos which resulted successful a premiership three-peat for nan Panthers, has been spotted letting his hairsbreadth down successful Bali.

He was joined by his begetter and coach Ivan, mother Rebecca, younger relative Jett and sister Indi, who appears to beryllium spending clip pinch Western Suburbs Magpies NSW Cup subordinate Aden Perry, who was accused successful a Sydney tribunal precocious of posting friendly images of his erstwhile partner online.

That resulted successful Jesse Marschke - nan relative of Sarah Marschke - publically confronting Perry, pinch nan brace progressive successful a scuffle astatine the Beach Road Hotel successful Bondi backmost successful July, pinch nan North Sydney Bears subordinate later avoiding a condemnation successful Waverley Local Court successful Sydney's east.

Cleary was seen partying astatine nan celebrated vacation location successful a knee brace successful 1 Instagram image, while Perry posed for a photograph pinch nan Cleary family successful different picture.

NRL superstar Nathan Cleary isn't letting a knee ligament tear ruin his off-season arsenic he partied successful Bali earlier jetting retired to walk immoderate clip pinch Matildas young weapon Mary Fowler

The 25-year-old (right) was spotted partying pinch friends and family including his sister Indi (left) astatine nan celebrated Indonesian vacation destination  

Cleary was joined successful Bali by nan likes of his begetter Ivan, mother Rebecca and sister Indi, who appears to person recovered emotion pinch Western Suburbs Magpies NSW Cup player Aden Perry (right)

The superstar has been wearing a knee brace aft picking up an wounded successful Penrith's NRL expansive last triumph complete nan Broncos

Cleary was successful a relaxed temper arsenic he kicked backmost pinch immoderate friends (pictured) successful Bali

It is chartless erstwhile Cleary (pictured pinch a friend) will commencement pre-season training pinch nan NRL premiers

The Panthers halfback past flew to Perth, wherever Fowler is pinch nan Matildas arsenic they play 3 Olympic qualifiers against Iran, nan Philippines and Chinese Taipei.

The high-profile sporting stars' romance was confirmed successful a bid of eye-catching photos taken exclusively for Daily Mail Australia connected Wednesday.

They could beryllium seen laying together successful nan mediate of an unfastened parkland by nan h2o - laughing, hugging, chatting, and drinking from nan aforesaid h2o bottle.

At 1 point, Cleary took his garment disconnected and Fowler laic connected his chest.

The stars appeared playful arsenic they laic connected nan writer - tossing quiet h2o bottles successful nan aerial and catching them arsenic he threw his limb astir her and laughed.

They past held hands concisely arsenic they went backmost to Cleary's achromatic SUV, wherever nan mates had a little chat successful nan car earlier he drove distant and Fowler walked backmost to her accommodation.

Fowler declined to remark erstwhile Daily Mail Australia asked astir nan romanticist display, saying: 'Sorry, I conscionable want to get backmost to my hotel.'

Following comfortable wins complete Iran and nan Philippines successful their Olympic qualification matches successful Perth, nan Matildas will wrap up their Australia circuit pinch a lucifer against Chinese Taipei connected Wednesday night.

After he near Bali nan halfback flew to Perth to support Matildas prima Mary Fowler, pinch their romance confirmed successful stunning photos taken connected Wednesday 

Daily Mail Australia's exclusive photos show Australia's hottest sporting mates holding hands and looking smitten pinch each different conscionable hours earlier nan Matildas faced Taiwan

Fowler's prima is connected nan emergence pinch a cardinal domiciled for nan Matildas and a statement pinch Manchester City

Cleary would person been playing for Australia successful nan Pacific Championships had he not injured his knee successful nan NRL expansive final

Fowler posted a bid of images from those qualification matches, which were liked by a big of teammates and chap athletes, including Cleary.

Cleary was besides photographed pinch 2 Matildas fans extracurricular Optus Stadium conscionable earlier nan Aussies' 8-0 victory, pinch Fowler scoring nan opening extremity against nan hapless Philippines.

Matildas protagonist Annie Lewin shared nan changeable of Cleary pinch nan caption 'silly for nan tillies'.

Early sightings of romance blossoming betwixt nan 2 athletes included a leisurely locomotion on nan Nepean River successful Penrith.

They were besides seen sharing crystal pick pursuing a promotional arena hosted by Adidas, a marque some endorse.

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