Footy star Josh Daicos visits Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou on luxury Euro holiday and reveals how his incredible run at Tottenham is inspiring Collingwood

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  • Pies expansive last victor enjoys unthinkable offseason jaunt
  • Was near very impressed by Hotspur's curen of players 
  • Also took successful Pairs Champions League lucifer pinch different footy star 

By Shayne Bugden For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 01:41 EDT, 3 November 2023 | Updated: 01:41 EDT, 3 November 2023

Magpies expansive last leader Josh Daicos has capped disconnected an unthinkable off-season travel to Europe by paying a sojourn to Tottenham leader Ange Postecoglou successful London - wherever he revealed nan similarities betwixt nan 2 sides.

The 24-year-old has been surviving it up pinch woman Annalise Dalins since his Magpies won nan emblem and scored an induce to be a training convention pinch nan Premier League table-topping Hotspur outfit.

After receiving a lukewarm invited and getting a Spurs jersey pinch his sanction connected it from Postecoglou - contempt nan truth nan head is simply a immense instrumentality of Collingwood's aged rivals, Carlton - nan guardant couldn't thief gushing complete nan experience.

The Collingwood premiership victor has been having nan clip of his life connected his luxury offseason travel to Europe, taking successful sights for illustration nan Italian land of Capri (pictured)

'It's been really bully to meet a fewer of nan players and watch them train. Just seeing nan accommodation here, it's astir apt by acold nan champion venue I've been to,' he said.

'The measurement they cater for their players is rather astonishing and you tin spot why they're connected apical of their crippled astatine nan moment.

'Training is rather aggravated and you tin spot nan attraction to detail.

'It's very akin to america [Collingwood] successful position of splitting disconnected into groups and focusing connected individual needs.

'We tie monolithic inspiration from these boys and to watch nan likes of Sonny [Son Heung-min] and nan remainder of them spell astir it has been amazing.'

Daicos and girlfriend Annalise Dalins besides took successful Paris, wherever he attended a Champions League shot crippled pinch chap AFL prima Christian Petracca

Postecoglou has proved a revelation early successful nan Premier League play aft taking nan apical occupation astatine nan northbound London nine connected nan backmost of his stunning occurrence pinch Celtic successful Scotland.

His squad presently beryllium 2 points clear astatine nan apical of nan array aft 10 matches, which is Spurs' champion ever commencement to a play successful nan Premier League era. 

Tottenham's 26 points from 8 wins and 2 draws mean nan Aussie has accrued nan astir points by a head successful their first 10 games successful nan competition's history.

The club's only amended commencement to a play came successful 1960-61, erstwhile they won nan title. 

Some of nan couple's Instagram pics look for illustration they came consecutive retired of a vacation brochure 

It wasn't each nosy and games for Daicos, who besides stayed fresh while overseas - seen present moving laps successful beforehand of a spectacular backdrop

Before visiting nan Spurs and 'Big Ange', Daicos and Dalins visited Rome, nan famed clifftop municipality of Positano connected Italy's Amalfi seashore and nan land of Capri successful nan Bay of Naples.

He past took successful Paris Saint-Germain's 3-1 Champions League triumph complete Milan astatine nan Parc de Princes stadium successful Paris, wherever he was joined by chap AFL prima Christian Petracca of nan Melbourne Demons.

A travel to nan Louvre to spot nan Mona Lisa was besides connected nan agenda, on pinch a spot of fittingness activity connected an athletics way a stone's propulsion from nan Eiffel Tower and unthinkable seats astatine France's nonaccomplishment to England astatine nan Rugby World Cup.

Meanwhile, Daicos's relative and Pies teammate Nick has been taking successful nan sights successful Greece, posting photos of his clip connected nan country's celebrated islands to his Instagram account.   

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