Footy star Josh Daicos is slammed complaining that AFL players don't get the same treatment as Premier League stars after visiting Ange Postecoglou's Tottenham

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  • Collingwood premiership victor has called retired 'disparity' 
  • Said sojourn to Tottenham's London installation made him consciousness 'flat' 
  • Daicos complained aft luxury vacation to UK and France 

By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 01:15 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 01:26 EST, 21 November 2023

Collingwood expansive last prima Josh Daicos has been slammed for complaining astir nan curen Premier League players get successful nan UK compared to AFL stars present successful Australia.

The Magpies prima precocious visited nan UK during nan AFL off-season and paid a sojourn to Aussie coach Ange Postecoglou astatine Tottenham to get a sensation of really Premier League clubs operate.

He said nan acquisition made him 'feel flat' arsenic he called retired nan gulf betwixt Premier League players and their AFL counterparts.

'Going complete to Europe and going to Tottenham, I saw nan curen they sewage and I was rather level astir nan curen we get,' Daicos said.

'It's rather astonishing nan disparity successful wealthiness complete there.'

"I'm not judge what satellite immoderate AFL players deliberation they unrecorded on."

Tom Elliott has called retired Pies premiership prima Josh Daicos aft immoderate comments he made recently.

— 3AW Football (@3AWisfootball) November 20, 2023

Josh Daicos has travel nether occurrence for calling retired nan evident 'disparity' betwixt Premier League players and AFL stars

Daicos' comments travel aft he visited nan UK and sewage to meet Australian coach Ange Postecoglou astatine Tottenham

'They were telling maine that erstwhile they are training, and evidently it's rather acold erstwhile they play, they person heaters for nan crushed to make judge nan crushed is not frosted,' Daicos continued

'And that costs I deliberation $20,000 Australian, truthful £10,000 conscionable to put it connected for nan day.

'And I deliberation they had it connected for 40 days consecutive past year. So we don't get that benignant of treatment.'

The mean Premier League subordinate net is astir $5.7million a year, pinch nan biggest contracts soaring to almost $40million. 

The mean AFL player  is paid astir $406,000 a season.

However, his comments fell level with radio and tv characteristic Tom Elliott.

'I'm not judge what satellite immoderate footballers deliberation they unrecorded on,' he said connected 3AW.

'AFL is simply a provincial codification only played successful 1 country, We person net capping here, we can't spend to salary immoderate players demand.'

Daicos (pictured near pinch relative Nick conscionable aft this year's expansive final) has already won an AFL premiership and is good paid by Collingwood

Daicos' AFL net was much than capable to bask a globetrotting vacation successful nan offseason, including this travel to France pinch woman Annalise Dalins

Footy fans were speedy to lash Daicos arsenic well, claiming he was being entitled and should admit nan money and curen he receives successful Australia.

'Josh, aftermath up mate,' was nan blunt consequence from 1 footy fan. 

'Cry maine a river! AFL players are very good paid for what is simply a athletics only really followed successful Australia,' different instrumentality posted.

'Big difference... The EPL attracts players from each astir nan world and is worthy hundreds of millions... AFL players are good paid considering it's only a 1 state sport,' added another.

Others pointed retired that nan Premier League is simply a world competition, attracting nan champion players from astir nan world and gross to match.

'He needs to inquire himself really galore group cognize him extracurricular of Australia vs really galore EPL stars are known astir nan world. He'll soon realise nan Daicos sanction isn't arsenic typical arsenic he thought,' 1 instrumentality posted.