Footy legend Mark Geyer sticks up for Paul Gallen after his shocking pub brawl - and tells NRL great turned boxer why he can't go drinking in public anymore

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Rugby convention awesome Mark Geyer has defended Paul Gallen after nan erstwhile Sharks skipper was filmed successful an altercation pinch different man astatine a pub on nan NSW southbound seashore connected Friday night.

Daily Mail Australia exclusively revealed footage of Gallen being restrained by up to 4 men wrong nan Shoalhaven Heads Hotel, pinch nan footy prima turned boxer and Nine commentator since saying he was disappointed pinch himself for getting progressive successful nan fight.

Gallen had gone to nan edifice pinch his 2GB power workfellow Mark Levy, who could beryllium heard successful nan inheritance shouting: 'Stop it. Enough, enough. Gal, stop' arsenic nan men battled to clasp backmost nan 42-year-old NSW Origin fable while shocked drinkers watched on.

Geyer told his Triple M meal co-host Mick Molloy astir nan dangers of going to nan pub arsenic a footy prima aliases boxer.

'Every clip you spell to a pub aliases location location is alcohol and different males, (and) nan intoxicant and testosterone creates nan cleanable large wind arsenic acold arsenic problem goes,' Geyer said connected Wednesday's show.

Mark Geyer says high-profile athletes for illustration footy stars are ever targets for problem erstwhile they're retired astatine pubs

'To beryllium honest, I would sometimes look for it. I knew that if I was astatine a pub and personification was going to prime connected maine for being astatine a pub, good I would say, worldly you, I'm present having a bully time.'

Geyer said that nan large quality nowadays is that everyone has mobile phones and tin grounds what happens. 

The ex-Penrith prima explained that he would often pull problem from fierce pub-goers erstwhile he was retired having beers pinch his mates.

'The connection to young kids retired location these days who are playing athletics aliases precocious profile: When you are retired location astatine nighttime you go, "Let's spell for 1 much portion aliases lets spell down nan roadworthy to that pub". 

'Don't do it. You are amended disconnected going home. You are a target. You are decidedly a target.

'Everyone will opportunity Gal's allowed to person a drink, he's allowed to spell out. But you really can't erstwhile you're that precocious profile, and he's a boxer.

'A, he's a rugby convention star, and B, he's a boxer. That's a double target connected Gal's caput because everyone is going to effort and person a spell astatine him.'

Geyer (pictured celebrating Penrith's 1991 expansive last win) says he would often pull fierce attraction from pub-goers erstwhile he was retired drinking

Geyer believes Gallen (pictured during nan brawl that was exclusively revealed by Daily Mail Australia) is simply a 'double target' because he was a footy prima and a boxer

Geyer said his proposal to his 22-year-old boy is not to get successful immoderate business that he cannot power successful a pub aliases club.

'These days mobile phones are for illustration a loaded weapon and they will get you into truthful overmuch trouble,' he said.

'Don't spell looking for it. Do arsenic I say, not arsenic I did.'

When Daily Mail Australia asked Gallen astir nan incident connected Tuesday day he initially said: 'I don't cognize what you're talking about'.

Told location was footage of nan brawl taken by witnesses, Gallen added, 'No worries', past asked: 'What are nan witnesses saying happened?'

Hours aft video of nan skirmish was published, Gallen offered a fuller type of what happened.

'I was progressive successful an altercation pinch patrons astatine nan Shoalhaven Heads Hotel past Friday night,' he said.

'The patrons were chartless to maine aliases nan group I was with. The video circulating online does not accurately picture nan afloat group of circumstances which included maine being struck first.

The Nine Network NRL commentator (circled successful red) was filmed being restrained by up to 4 men astatine nan Shoalhaven Heads Hotel connected nan NSW southbound seashore connected Friday night

'While I did not propulsion immoderate punches successful retaliation I apologise to nan owners of nan edifice and nan different patrons for nan incident.'

Gallen and Levy arrived together astatine nan pub, besides known arsenic The Heads, wherever nan retired footballer played played excavation successful nan brew plot and took to nan creation floor.

The fracas involving nan joined father-of-four, which was recorded connected mobile telephone cameras, took spot astir midnight arsenic nan pub was preparing to close.

Witnesses claimed nan conflict began aft Gallen mislaid a excavation crippled and a cue was surgery complete a table.

Several sources said Gallen was bleeding from nan look aft being punched successful nan nose, which immoderate observers believed had been broken.

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