Footy great Brendan Fevola reveals the telling sign that Dustin Martin played his last game in Richmond colours in 300th game milestone

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  • Tigers champion played his 300th against Hawthorn connected Saturday 
  • Richmond person nan bye this week and it is chartless if Martin will play on  
  • Fevola thinks 1 cardinal item has shown Martin's intentions 

By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 22:34 EDT, 17 June 2024 | Updated: 22:34 EDT, 17 June 2024

Carlton fable Brendan Fevola has bad news for Richmond fans, he believes Dustin Martin's 300th lucifer for nan nine was besides his last.

The erstwhile Coleman Medal victor has previously declared his prediction that Martin, who has won 3 premierships pinch nan Tigers, will locomotion away earlier nan play is over.

Now he has doubled down connected that prediction on The Fox's Fifi, Fev & Nick by saying location was a telling motion during his 300th crippled celebrations that Martin has played his past crippled for the Tigers. 

Fevola pointed to nan thigh of honour pursuing Dusty's 300th crippled arsenic grounds of an imminent announcement.

In May, Fevola sensationally declared AFL superstar Dustin Martin would discontinue from nan athletics arsenic soon arsenic he chalks up his 300 profession games milestone for Richmond - but will past lace his boots for nan Gold Coast Suns adjacent season.

It is understood that Martin's head Ralph Carr has been shopping for houses connected nan Gold Coast for his prima client.

Dustin Martin was chaired from nan section and did a thigh of honour aft his 300th crippled for Richmond against Hawthorn connected nan weekend

AFL awesome Brendan Fevola believes nan thigh of honour shows that Martin has played his past crippled for nan Tigers

Martin appeared to beryllium farewelling nan fans during his thigh of honour astatine nan MCG connected Saturday

After Dusty's 300th game, wherever Richmond mislaid to Hawthorn successful nan Saturday twilight lucifer astatine nan MCG, Dusty gave nan Richmond supporters a information of applause arsenic he completed a thigh of honour.

Fevola, a three-time All-Australian, pointed retired he has ne'er seen a subordinate complete a thigh of honour aft their 300th game. 

Fevola said Dusty's guidance astatine nan extremity of nan lucifer indicated that he was saying goodbye to nan Richmond faithful. 

'Dustin Martin did thing that I've ne'er seen a 300-game subordinate do before. He did a thigh of honour up beautiful much,' Fevola said.

'And Dustin Martin, who's a quiet man, very, very humble. He waved to everybody. He was clapping to nan crowd. He was really lapping it up. I reckon he was saying goodbye.'

The 92,000-strong crowd fell deathly silent astatine nan MCG arsenic Dusty's erstwhile teammate Jack Riewoldt interviewed nan Brownlow Medallist and three-time Premiership player, pinch galore successful nan media speculating he whitethorn beryllium astir to discontinue imminently.

In nan interview, Dusty said he would beryllium fresh to play adjacent week. However, his manager, Ralph Carr, confirmed rumours of different AFL clubs circling Martin connected Monday.

It has been an affectional week for Martin and Fevola thinks he has already checked out

Martin denied each media requests during nan week, allowing his erstwhile teammate Jack Riewoldt nan only interview

Martin is wide tipped to decorativeness his profession astatine nan Gold Coast Suns pinch erstwhile Richmond coach and bully friend Damien Hardwick

Richmond has nan bye this week earlier taking connected Carlton astatine nan MCG successful information 16. It remains unconfirmed if Martin will beryllium disposable to play successful that match. 

Fevola said he believed Martin has already 'checked out'.

'The crippled was a book writer's dream. First extremity kicked of nan crippled was by nan awesome Dustin Martin…. And past he went missing,' Fevola said.

'I deliberation he's checked out. He didn't do immoderate interviews each week. No 1 could get him (to interview), and his awesome mate and triple Premiership teammate Jack Riewoldt sewage connected nan ground, and he interviewed him aft nan game.'

'Now, this is what I've been copping a batch of flak for - I sewage told that he's going to decorativeness up aft 300 games. He mightiness play connected to nan extremity of nan year, but he'll decorativeness up astatine Richmond by nan extremity of nan year. 

'And he will spell play for nan Gold Coast for possibly 1 aliases 2 years – (he will) beryllium successful nan extremity square, get paid a crapload of money, and subordinate Damien Hardwick they're champion mates.'

'The past mobility Jack asked was, 'are you going to beryllium backmost successful a mates of weeks?'… Because it was astir everyplace past week that he was done (retiring). He said, 'Oh yeah, I'll freshen up this week and we'll beryllium back.' I don't judge that.'

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