Footy commentators stood down after 'mock Indigenous accent' incident as league launches investigation

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  • Two commentators person been stood down 
  • Alleged racist remark was made connected air 
  • An investigation into nan incident has been launched 

By Ollie Lewis

Published: 07:06 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 07:09 EDT, 3 July 2024

A brace of Toowoomba Rugby League commentators person been stood down pending an investigation into alleged racist comments made connected air.

Commentator Andrew O'Brien has been accused of utilizing a 'mock Indigenous accent' while calling nan Dalby Diehards and Pittsworth Danes A-Grade lucifer connected June 30.

The comments person sparked a probe into a imaginable codification of behaviour breach.

During nan game, O'Brien was heard saying 'I'm each correct brus you play nan ball' earlier co-commentator Anthony Breeze asks 'is that really he talks? He's a achromatic fella.'

O'Brien replies, saying: 'No, that is conscionable really I talk.'

On TRL's Facebook page, audio from nan crippled has since been edited to shut up retired nan arguable moment.

The convention confirmed it was investigating nan matter aft a study was submitted by nan Queensland Rugby League Positive Environment Program.

'Toowoomba Rugby League (TRL) confirms that nan organisation is investigating an incident that occurred during nan A Grade lucifer betwixt Pittsworth and Dalby.

'It has been alleged that nan TRL Call Team's broadcast breached nan Code of Conduct, including that a commentator utilized a 'mock Indigenous accent' during nan broadcast.

Two commentators person been stood down pursuing an alleged racist comment

Andrew O'Brien (left) allegedly utilized a 'mock Indigenous accent' while commentating alongside Anthony Breeze (right)

'A QRL Positive Environment Program Incident Report was submitted, resulting successful nan TRL initiating an investigation.

'The commentators progressive person been stood down from nan TRL Call Team pending nan result of nan investigation.

'Additionally, 1 of nan commentators, who is besides a TRL Board Director, has been stood down from nan TRL Board pending nan investigation's outcome.

'Queensland Rugby League (QRL) is assisting successful nan process being conducted by nan TRL.

'While it is very disappointing to perceive astir this incident, we person beardown procedures and policies successful spot to reside specified matters crossed nan game.

'There is nary spot for racist behaviour successful athletics aliases successful wider society.

'Racism must beryllium called retired successful each its forms.

'While individuals bring their ain views and behaviours into sporting environments, rugby convention arsenic a full continues to make clear our expectations erstwhile you measurement into our environment.

'When individuals aliases clubs do not meet these expectations, we will beryllium unequivocal successful nan sanctions we impose.'

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