Footballers' union the PFA hand their chief exec Maheta Molango a 30% pay rise to rocket his salary to £650,000 - and pin it on the cost of living crisis

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  • Maheta Molango’s yearly net will emergence from £500,000 to £650,000 
  • Molango replaced Gordon Taylor arsenic PFA CEO successful 2021 
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By Dan Cancian For Mailonline

Published: 03:40 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 06:13 EDT, 1 November 2023

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) has reportedly cited nan cost of living situation arsenic nan motivating facet down its determination to manus its main executive a 30 percent net increase.

According to The Times, Maheta Molango’s yearly net will emergence from £500,000 to £650,000 pursuing his first salary reappraisal successful 2 years.

The summation has been motivated by Britain's ongoing economical crisis, which has seen inflation and nan costs of equipment and services skyrocket. 

According to nan astir caller information from nan Office for National Statistics, nan Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 6.7 percent successful nan 12 months to September 2023.

By comparison, it reached a peaked of 11.1 percent successful October past year. 

PFA main executive Maheta Molango is group for a 30 percent net increase

Molango is nan highest-paid national leader successful Britain and his net was group astatine £500,000 erstwhile he replaced Gordon Taylor arsenic PFA leader 2 years ago.

His predecessor's net exceeded £2million a twelvemonth and a governance reappraisal recommended a important overhaul of nan measurement nan PFA CEO's net is set.

A remuneration committee composed of nan PFA’s operational committee and players’ committee discusses a figure, which is past signed disconnected by nan 2 boards.

Under Taylor's stewardship, meanwhile, net decisions were taken by nan business advisory committee of nan past PFA charitable trust.

At nan time, Taylor was some nan PFA CEO and a trustee of nan charity. Molango's predecessor was appointed PFA president successful 1978, earlier taking complete arsenic CEO 3 years later.

Molango played six times for Brighton and had indebtedness spells pinch Oldham Athletic and Lincoln City betwixt 2004 and 2007.

Born successful Switzerland, he studied rule successful Madrid, and has practiced successful Spain and successful nan United States.

Prior to his assignment astatine nan PFA, he was main executive of Spanish outfit Real Mallorca. 

Molango replaced Gordon Taylor, who stepped down successful 2021 aft 40 years arsenic PFA CEO

Following 2 promotions pinch Mallorca, Molango was sacked pinch nan squad bottommost of La Liga successful 2020.

Two weeks later, he was reported successful Spain to person been questioned arsenic portion of a money-laundering investigation into Albanian supplier Fali Ramadani, who has been charged pinch a number of offences. 

Molango did not look immoderate charges. 

The PFA's move to name nan 41-year-old came nether scrutiny amid awesome concerns astir nan recruitment process.

The PFA's move to name nan 41-year-old came nether scrutiny amid awesome concerns astir nan recruitment process

In 2021, Mail Sport reported PFA unit received 'negative endorsements' when asking for references for Molango.

Molango's suitability for nan domiciled was not nan only concern, pinch nan deficiency of transparency during nan process besides causing disquiet.

The PFA's action sheet —Darren Hardman (Amazon), Trevor Johnson (TikTok), Geoff Thompson (a erstwhile karate champion) and Ebru Koksal — held last interviews aft recruitment patient Savannah compiled a shortlist.

But immoderate judge nan sheet lacked applicable experience, pinch only Koksal, done her roles astatine Women successful Football, Galatasaray and FIFA, offering important shot understanding.


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