'Football is losing an extraordinary player': Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri left devastated after Paul Pogba's 'sad' four-year ban following failed drugs tests

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By Ash Rose

Published: 10:11 EST, 2 March 2024 | Updated: 10:11 EST, 2 March 2024

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has spoken of his disappointment of losing an 'extraordinary player' arsenic a consequence of Paul Pogba's doping ban. 

Pogba was past week fixed a four-year prohibition from football after tests recovered elevated levels of testosterone successful his system.

The French midfielder is group to entreaty nan decision, but will apt still look a lengthy spell being distant from nan game. 

Speaking earlier Sunday's conflict pinch Napoli, Pogba's existent leader expressed his sadness to suffer nan star. 

'It's very sad some connected a quality level and for football,' said Allegri. 

Paul Pogba was deed pinch a four-year prohibition from shot aft failing an doping test 

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri is disappointed to suffer an bonzer subordinate successful Pogba 

Pogba, besides known for his characteristic disconnected nan pitch, could now telephone clip connected his playing career

'We are losing an bonzer player.

'I was fortunate capable to activity pinch him, coach him, and it's very difficult to find players for illustration him... he's a awesome guy.'

Pogba tested affirmative for testosterone aft Juventus 's first crippled of nan play against Udinese, and was fixed nan hefty reward by an anti-doping prosecutor's agency successful Italy past Thursday.

His lawyers had rejected a plea woody and hoped to get their customer a lighter condemnation aft claiming he had accidentally ingested nan banned substance.

However, nan prosecution did not judge nan 30-year-old's defence, and now faces a conflict to prevention his shot career, arsenic he would beryllium 35 by nan clip nan prohibition was over. 

The prohibition is nan latest setback for a footballer, who was erstwhile nan astir costly subordinate successful nan world. 

Pogba came done Manchester United's academy, earlier moving to Juventus connected a free transportation successful 2012, going connected to triumph 4 consecutive Serie A titles.

He moved backmost to Old Trafford successful 2016 for a world grounds interest of £89 million.but ne'er deed nan aforesaid heights successful nan Premier League arsenic he did successful Italy. 

Pogba would bask much occurrence internationally, winning nan World Cup successful 2018 pinch France, moreover scoring successful nan 4-2 triumph complete Croatia successful nan final. 

Pogba won nan World Cup pinch France successful 2018, scoring successful nan last against Croatia

His transportation to Manchester United successful 2016 made Pogba nan astir costly subordinate successful nan world

At United he'd triumph some nan Europa League and League Cup, but near Old Trafford having grounded to move United into contenders successful nan Premier League nor nan Champions League. 

After six seasons Pogba near connected a free transportation successful 2022 to rejoin Juventus, but has only managed one commencement and 11 substitute appearances acknowledgment to a succession of injuries. 

Allegri's broadside presently beryllium successful 2nd spot successful Serie A, but way leaders Inter by 12 points. 

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