Flight crew are exploiting a major airport security loophole to smuggle drugs, experts warn

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Flying precocious ne'er deed specified a low. Flight attendants usage low-security screening perks to smuggle dense narcotics crossed borders. Flight unit are utilizing their airdrome information perks to smuggle dense narcotics crossed borders, experts warn. Getty Images

Trying to spot nan supplier mules connected your flight? Start pinch nan formation crew, experts say.

The shocking informing comes weeks aft 4 formation attendants were busted astatine JFK for brazenly moving $8 cardinal successful narcotics between nan US and nan Dominican Republic complete a play of 10 years.

Now, those successful nan cognize are flagging 1 immense loophole that hose labor person been capable to exploit, successful bid to move a dizzying magnitude of narcotics correct nether nan chemoreceptor of information officials.

TSA agents opportunity there’s a immense spread successful information letting aerial unit smuggle drugs. Getty Images

The problem, nan pros say, is nan spot extended via nan Known Crewmember Program, aliases KCM.

The 2011 inaugural allows pilots, formation attendants, and different aerial workers to spell done a lighter information screening.

Anonymous TSA agents and unit members told Business Insider nan use is being highly manipulated.

“Time and clip again, we person seen that nan unit members get truthful overmuch ‘trust’ conscionable because they’re unit and they’re nan ones doing nan forbidden s–t,” 1 complained.

Another added that it’s communal for formation crews to “completely breach nan spot that we put successful them.”

A chap supplier besides said that mean travelers who get flagged for contraband typically do truthful accidentally.

“Crew, connected nan different hand, cognize precisely what they are doing,” said a worker arsenic yet 1 much called for nan KCM to unopen down.

When a Mesa Airlines formation attendant sewage busted past year, a rep for nan institution told The Post astir really nan strategy works.

“You person a KCM card. You scan nan card, show your institution ID and driver’s licence and locomotion correct through.”

Flight attendants are a awesome consequence for moving narcotics internationally, experts warn. Svitlana – stock.adobe.com

“But, sometimes, you get a ‘random.’ That’s erstwhile you are randomly chosen to spell done nan information that everybody other goes through.”

In nan lawsuit of Terese White, 41 — cuffed for intent to administer fentanyl — her luck ran retired connected 1 fateful time successful 2023.

Flight workers peddling narcotics aren’t ever doing truthful maliciously, erstwhile TSA supplier Caleb Harmon-Marshall told BI.

TSA is getting skeptical of a strategy that lets formation attendants transportation narcotics done airports and flights without being checked. Getty Images

He said it’s rather communal for them to beryllium approached astatine airports by nefarious individuals.

“And sometimes it’s vulnerable situations wherever they’ll frighten your family,” nan master added.

“It’s very scary.”

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