FC Barcelona Want Lionel Messi To Return ‘For Life’: Reports

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FC Barcelona want Lionel Messi to return 'for life' erstwhile he retires from football.

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FC Barcelona want their top ever subordinate Lionel Messi to return to nan nine for life erstwhile he retires, according to SPORT.

The Argentine began nan week winning a grounds eighth Ballon d'Or successful Paris, recognized by a France Football-appointed sheet arsenic nan planet's champion footballer aft captaining his state to a 3rd World Cup title successful Qatar past December.

After nan ceremony, he took to Instagram to impeach Barca journalist Gerard Romero of "lying erstwhile more".

The transportation marketplace master claimed Messi had spoken to nan Blaugrana's president Joan Laporta astatine nan Theatre du Chatelet, to talk a tribute lucifer astatine nan Camp Nou.

On Wednesday, SPORT besides corroborate that astatine nary constituent did Laporta speak to Messi connected an rumor which is expected to spot advancement successful position of readying from 2024 onwards.

This is erstwhile nan Catalans and nan 36-year-old's entourage will touch bases connected nan accumulation fixture, wherever Messi could play a half for nan nine of his life, FC Barcelona, and nan different information of nan crippled for his existent employers Inter Miami.

Snubbing some Barca and Al-Hilal this summer, Messi signed a statement pinch Inter Miami until 2025.

Already, location person been reports from outlets such arsenic El Nacional that Messi has decided to time off nan US successful said year and past subordinate nan outfit that discovered him successful Newell's Old Boys.

Messi will beryllium 37 by nan clip his position expire pinch nan Jorge Mas and David Beckham owned franchise.

But irrespective of whether he opts to proceed successful nan Americas, aliases telephone it a time 12 months retired from nan 2026 World Cup, SPORT reports that Barca want to talk astir a "future collaboration" beyond nan pitch.

Barca took statement of really affectionately Messi said of them connected nan shape this week pinch nan Ballon d'Or successful his hand, and judge that this opened nan doorway to talk his plans post-retirement.

The idea, according to SPORT, is to scope a "lifelong agreement" pinch Messi truthful that he useful astatine nan nine successful his post-playing days.

According to El Chiringuito, it is successful this capacity, arsenic a sporting director, that nan Prodigal Son will travel "home" and run down nan scenes astatine Camp Nou.

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