FC Barcelona Look To Sign Breakout Brazilian Girona Star Savinho: Reports

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FC Barcelona are monitoring Girona prima Savio according to nan Catalan media.

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FC Barcelona are intimately monitoring Girona guardant Savio, who they could look to motion adjacent summertime according to SPORT.

The Catalans request to fortify nan near wing, wherever their only earthy action astatine nan infinitesimal is Atletico Madrid loanee Joao Felix.

The Portuguese could make his enactment successful Catalonia imperishable aft June 30, 2024, which is erstwhile his impermanent duty finishes.

In cash-strapped times, though, Barca will beryllium expected to manus complete astatine slightest $84.5 cardinal (€80 million) to nan nine from nan Spanish superior for this to go a reality.

Even if Felix were to continue, which is nan wish of some nan subordinate and nan powers that beryllium astatine nan Montjuic Stadium, his is still an area of nan transportation wherever nan Blaugrana are presently undermanned.

Ansu Fati near for Brighton connected indebtedness conscionable days up of Felix landing, and Morocco world Ez Abde decided to extremity his changeless quest for minutes by signing for Real Betis.

This improvement has led sporting head Deco to look elsewhere for reinforcements, and he has reportedly been impressed by Girona wideman Savio.

Also known arsenic Savinho, nan Brazilian connected indebtedness from Troyes has proven 1 of nan breakout stars of nan 2023/2024 play frankincense far.

His 3 goals and 4 assists person helped Girona do nan unthinkable, and they presently necktie leaders Real Madrid connected points astatine nan apical of La Liga.

Brazil-born Deco has been alert of Savio since he made his Atletico Mineiro debut arsenic a 16-year-old. He admires him for his one-on-one skills, tactical versatility, and nan spot of his near foot.

As is often nan case, however, dilly-dallying connected Savio and not making a move sooner has seen his value tag rise.

As observed by SPORT, it has now quadrupled to astir $21.1 cardinal (€2o million) which would still beryllium affordable by Barca approaching 2024/2025.

In nan rear-view reflector are Manchester City, however, who would person an advantage complete nan Catalans astatine nan negotiating table.

This is not conscionable because of their overmuch healthier financial situation, but besides nan truth that some Girona and Troyes, wherever Savio's statement expires successful 2027, shape portion of nan City Group.

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