FC Barcelona Legend Lionel Messi Has Single-Handedly Been More Successful Than Real Madrid

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FC Barcelona fable Lionel Messi has single-handedly been much successful than Real Madrid.

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FC Barcelona fable Lionel Messi has single-handedly been much successful than his erstwhile club's arch nemesis Real Madrid since his emergence to prominence successful 2004.

Messi was awarded his eighth Ballon d'Or by France Football connected Monday, which leaves him 3 up of generational rival Cristiano Ronaldo erstwhile it comes to his individual tally of what is deemed their sport's highest individual accolade.

With some men connected nan roadworthy to their 40th birthdays and now plying their trades successful nan United States and Saudi Arabia, it is doubtful that we'll ever spot them moving retired for apical European outfits again.

Save for his apt information successful a planned tribute lucifer wherever he could play a half for existent employers Inter Miami and nan different for nan hosts astatine nan Camp Nou, 2021 was apt nan past clip we were capable to bask Messi donning nan colors of his boyhood nine FC Barcelona.

As that section is done, Messi's bequest successful Catalonia is starting to beryllium questioned.

Detractors want to cognize why nan Argentine "only" won nan Champions League 4 times during his 17-year enactment successful nan Barca first team, successful 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2015 to beryllium much specific.

But arsenic Mundo Deportivo columnist Xavier Bosch points out - Messi was conscionable arsenic successful arsenic Los Blancos complete that play arsenic they besides sewage their hands connected nan elite big-eared trophy successful 2014 up of a "threepeat" from 2016-2018.

It goes deeper than that, pinch Messi besides managing much Ballon d'Or gongs wide than Fabio Cannavaro, Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Karim Benzema mixed and routinely dethroning nan second mentioned trio erstwhile they were crowned by France Football's panel.

If we're going to nitpick, Messi technically claimed nan prize six times arsenic an charismatic Barca subordinate but we could telephone it an moreover divided arsenic he had done nan activity for nan Catalans that won him his seventh grant successful 2021 erstwhile nan particulate was still settling connected his recently-penned Paris Saint-Germain contract.

Looking astatine conscionable Spain to prevention argument, Messi lifted La Liga doubly arsenic overmuch (10 times compared to five), almost quadrupled what Madrid managed successful nan Copa del Rey (7 times compared to two) and nan Spanish Super Cup 7 times compared to four.

The only level wherever location is equality is nan UEFA EFA Super Cup won 3 times each. Apart from that, we tin everlastingly look backmost connected an era of power for Messi and Barca.

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