FC Barcelona Confirm Multimillion Dollar El Clasico Windfall

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FC Barcelona person confirmed multimillion dollar gross from El Clasico.

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FC Barcelona person confirmed multimillion dollar gross from El Clasico done their vice president of trading Juli Guiu, who revealed circumstantial figures to Tot Costa connected Radio Catalunya Friday morning.

Barca suffered conclusion for nan first clip this play erstwhile losing 2-1 to their bitter rivals astatine nan Montjuic Stadium.

They were nan champion squad for a bully hr against Carlo Ancelotti's men contempt fielding an injury-depleted team.

Ilkay Gundogan put them up early while Fermin Lopez almost made it 2-0 by nan 4th of nan mark.

In nan 2nd half, however, a devastating double from Jude Bellingham stole nan points for Los Blancos and put them 4 up of nan Catalans astatine nan apical of La Liga.

Though disaster struck connected nan pitch, however, Barca still came retired of nan gathering pinch positives and achieved multimillion dollar from it.

According to Guiu, who conceded an question and reply to Tot Costa, nan consequence "was nan only point that didn't spell well" pinch a "unique partnership" betwixt Barca, nan Rolling Stones and Spotify for nan lucifer having a "brutal impact".

"When we make aliases recieve this type of proposal, we want nan champion imaginable artists and we look very cautiously astatine who [we do it with] and erstwhile to do it. We person to look for caller groups and caller experiences, but it has to beryllium connected circumstantial dates," said Guiu.

While successful a March Clasico astatine Camp Nou Barca sported nan logo of Catalan vocalist Rosalia connected their jerseys, nan astir caller sitting of nan world's biggest derby saw Barca pinch nan Rolling Stones' "tongue and lips" emblazoned crossed their Blaugrana shirts.

Guiu stated that Barca earned $8.09 cardinal successful full (€7.6 million).

"A grounds astatine Montjuic and an important fig because it exceeds 60% of nan games astatine nan Spotify Camp Nou [in revenue]. I wish it could beryllium for illustration this each week".

According to Guiu, Clasicos astatine Camp Nou typically earned $8.8 cardinal (€8.3 million) but this fig will beryllium difficult to execute astatine Montjuic fixed it is overmuch smaller.

Even so, an attendance grounds was surgery past Saturday arsenic 50,112 spectators watched Madrid's dramatic, last-gasp win.

Such news is welcomed by Barca astatine a clip erstwhile they are successful indebtedness and struggle to registry caller players. As supported by UEFA figures, nan nine is besides achieving awesome gross successful nan Champions League owing to their cleanable 100% grounds frankincense acold and nan spot of their past performances successful Europe's elite nine competition.

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