FBI seized three iPhones, two laptops and manila folder labeled 'Eric Adams' from home of NYC mayor's fundraising chief - amid probes into cash from the Turkish government

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The FBI seized iPhones, laptops, paperwork and a manila files branded 'Eric Adams' from nan location of nan mayor's apical fundraiser, it has emerged.

The Brooklyn location was raided connected Thursday greeting arsenic portion of an investigation into an alleged kickback strategy involving nan Turkish government, a assemblage successful Washington DC pinch ties to Turkey and Adams, and a Brooklyn building company.

Brianna Suggs' location successful nan Crown Heights vicinity of Brooklyn was searched while Adams was connected his measurement to meetings successful Washington DC, forcing him to abruptly cancel and return to 'deal pinch a matter'. The timing was deliberate, sources said.

The agents seized three iPhones, 2 laptop computers, papers and a 'manila files branded Eric Adams,' The New York Times reported.

They besides took 7 'contribution paper binders'.

Agents searched nan location of Brianna Suggs (left), a run advisor who has helped Adams (right) raise $2.5million for his 2025 election 

Agents successful FBI vests were among those who removed boxes from nan home

The hunt warrant, nan insubstantial said, sought financial records for Suggs, 25, and immoderate entity controlled aliases associated pinch her; and documents related to contributions to nan mayor's 2021 campaign.

The agents besides wanted records of recreation to Turkey by immoderate employee, serviceman aliases subordinate of nan campaign; and documents related to interactions betwixt nan run and nan authorities of Turkey, 'including persons acting astatine nan behest of nan Turkish government.'

The squad were looking for documents relating to Bay Atlantic University, a mini Turkish-owned institution that opened successful Washington DC successful 2014. 

Adams successful 2015 visited 1 of nan school's sister universities successful Istanbul, wherever he was fixed various certificates and was told that a danasiwa would beryllium created successful his name.

Adams has boasted astir really overmuch he loves Turkey, and past week he hosted a flag-raising for Turkey successful Lower Manhattan.

'I deliberation I'm connected my sixth aliases seventh visit,' he said, adding that nary different politician successful New York history was arsenic adjacent to nan state arsenic he was.

The politician connected Thursday said he would cooperate pinch nan investigation.

He told ABC News: 'I consciousness highly comfortable astir really I comply pinch rules and procedures. 

'I clasp myself to a precocious standard, and I clasp my run to a precocious standard, and I clasp my unit astatine City Hall to a precocious standard. 

'I'm very clear that it is my work to clasp myself to a precocious modular and I will comply pinch immoderate enquiry that is made and I americium demanding that my squad do nan same.' 

There was nary denotation that nan investigation was targeting nan mayor, and he is not accused of wrongdoing. 

Adams told an assemblage astatine Gracie Mansion connected Thursday nighttime he had not been contacted by immoderate rule enforcement officials. 

Authorities are investigating whether nan run conspired pinch a Brooklyn building institution and nan Turkish authorities to chimney overseas money into nan campaign's coffers, apparently done a straw philanthropist scheme.

The building institution was identified successful nan warrant arsenic KSK Construction Group successful Brooklyn, nan insubstantial said, and labor of KSK donated astir $14,000 to Adams's 2021 campaign, according to run finance records. 

Some of nan agents coming beryllium to nan nationalist corruption unit, nan insubstantial said.

Adams was connected his measurement to DC for meetings to discuss nan city's migrant crisis erstwhile he learned of nan raid. 

He had filmed a video of himself connected a level connected his measurement location connected Thursday morning. 

Without explanation, he returned to New York City while different metropolis mayors stayed successful DC for nan talks.

The warrant was for grounds of nan theft of national costs and conspiracy to bargain national funds; ligament fraud and ligament fraud conspiracy; arsenic good arsenic run contributions by overseas nationals and conspiracy to make specified contributions, according to The New York Times. 

Investigators were reportedly willing successful whether nan run channelled benefits to nan building company's officials and employees, and to Turkish officials.

Vito Pitta, a lawyer for Adams's 2021 and 2025 campaigns, said: 'The run has ever held itself to nan highest standards.

'The run will of people comply pinch immoderate inquiries, arsenic appropriate.'

Pitta added: 'Mayor Adams has not been contacted arsenic portion of this inquiry.'

Neighbors told DailyMail.com nan agents arrived astatine 9am and emerged pinch boxes.  

Agents are shown extracurricular Suggs' location successful Crown Heights connected Thursday aft nan raid

They described Suggs arsenic coming from a 'nice family'. 

'I cognize nan full family they are very bully people. They're a very bully family. 

'I saw nan FBI connected nan artifact and it was scary, it was really scary,' Christopher Kelly Burwell, 54, said. 

With Suggs' help, Adams has raised much than $2.5million for his re-election campaign. 

The brace person worked together since 2017, erstwhile she joined his agency of nan Brooklyn Borough President to activity arsenic an administrative intern. 

Suggs was Adams' fundraiser and head of logistics for his successful 2021 mayoral campaign. She now useful arsenic a fundraiser for the Kings County Democratic County Committee. 

Known arsenic nan 'party mayor', Adams' prolific night-owling and appearances astatine hotspots for illustration costly members' clubs has near a bitter sensation successful immoderate mouths. 

In 2021, six group were charged pinch making forbidden donations to Adams' first campaign. 

Adams was owed to beryllium successful Washington DC coming to meet pinch officials astir nan city's migrant crisis. When news of nan ambush emerged, he returned to NYC abruptly 

The men included erstwhile constabulary officers who Adams served pinch successful nan NYPD. They were charged pinch utilizing mendacious names to disguise their donations. 

Prosecutors claimed they wanted to person power complete nan Mayor's Office and perchance triumph metropolis contracts. 

Adams was exonerated and prosecutors said he had nary knowledge of nan scheme.

Earlier this year, Suggs was criticized for taking donations to Adams' re-election run while simultaneously moving against him, connected behalf of a Manhattan spot proprietor who had business pinch nan city. 

Some speculated that nan conflict of liking would lead to pay-for-play politics. 

'The logic I deliberation it should beryllium forbidden is because erstwhile group activity for you connected a run you go close, and if that personification past lobbies nan aforesaid [official] she's raising money for, she's going to get preferential curen … and that intends her customer gets preferential treatment. 

'That conscionable doesn't look good. It doesn't walk nan smell test,' Betsy Gotbaum, a metropolis authorities veteran, told The New York Daily News in April. 

A caller study from The City also claims Adams' 2021 run many times ignored requests to sanction donors whose gave much than $300,000. 

Their donations, divided betwixt 500 donors, utilized a metropolis aid matching programme that balloons payments. 

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