Fashion icon Phoebe Philo leaves shoppers AGHAST at sky-high prices of her hotly-anticipated debut collection - including a $19,000 dress and a $25,000 jacket (but the items are STILL selling out online)

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The much-anticipated Phoebe Philo postulation has yet arrived and fans person mixed feelings astir nan pricey designer items. 

The Chloé and Celine alum's fans went chaotic when news collapsed that she was creating her ain statement and signed up for email alerts astir nan brand, contempt nary specifications astir what to expect. 

This week, the London-based manner icon, 50, launched nan eponymous postulation that's unsurprisingly nan pinnacle of quiet luxury and stealth wealth, chock afloat of oversized leather handbags reminiscent of her Celine days, funky golden necklaces, sparkling dresses and awesome outerwear. 

However, now that nan postulation (and its entity precocious prices) is unrecorded arsenic of October 30, Phoebe enthusiasts are experiencing a spot of sticker daze complete nan items, including a $19,000 sequined dress and an tremendous achromatic leather tote that's proving controversial, arsenic it costs a whopping $8,500. 

This elaborate, embroidered overgarment does not person its value listed but is retailing for $25,000 

Fans went wilder complete nan oversized achromatic leather tote, which is retailing for $8,500 

Phoebe Philo's fans were anticipating her triumphant return and signed up successful droves for her email list, contempt not knowing what her caller marque would sell 

Many manner fans compared nan offerings to nan Olsen twins' celebrated statement The Row 

While Phoebe is simply a manner legend, fans were still amazed by her launching her debut postulation pinch prices nearing $20,000

Despite nan mixed consequence and nan merchandise ranging from $750 for a brace of sunglasses to $25,000 for a shearling jacket, almost half sold retired overnight, including a double-sided scarf for $2,600, glitter achromatic sunglasses for $450, nan other ample suede tote successful toffee for $8,200 and a leather overgarment pinch an oversized detachable scarf for $8,900. 

On X, formerly known as Twitter, fans were speedy to sound their sentiment astir nan chaotic prices. However, that didn't mean they weren't shopping, pinch aggregate pieces trading retired almost immediately. 

The exorbitantly precocious prices were a constituent of contention connected societal media, pinch fashionistas claiming they were fresh to spell into indebtedness for nan luxury goods. 

On Twitter, 1 user trends expert reflected, 'Hate to opportunity it but Phoebe Philo is giving khy (Kylie Jenner's caller clothing line) vibes,' comparing nan buzzy postulation to nan Kardashians star's precocious announced pleather brand, which has been much-maligned for its garbage bag-like designs. 

Others thought it looked for illustration a Celine reboot, arsenic nan designer was famously nan imaginative head of nan luxury manner location from 2008 to 2017. 

Some folks connected Twitter were fresh to spell into indebtedness if it meant investing successful nan crisp clothing, pinch 1 joking: 'If I spell into awesome in installments paper indebtedness buying a Phoebe Philo trench coat? What are you gonna do astir it.' 

Another creator quipped: 'Phoebe Philo didn't extremity astatine "Open your purse!" She said, "Sell your house, rob a bank, and do immoderate in installments paper fraud too!"'

One fashionista connected Twitter revealed, 'Phoebe Philo "MUM" necklaces are already sold out,' to which different personification responded: 'A batch of Mum's (sic) retired there.' 

On Twitter, a user trends master thought nan postulation looked for illustration Kylie Jenner's caller foray into nan manner world, wherever she experiments pinch faux leather 

Phoebe's supporters joked astir going into indebtedness successful an effort to spend her caller collection

On Twitter, immoderate group were simply confused by nan pieces, pinch 1 comparison likening an point to a 'human toilet brush.'

Another manner fan fumed: 'Waited each this clip and this is what we get? Leggings? Sesame thoroughfare characteristic pants?! No ma'am.'

An arsenic confused style devotee asked, 'First disconnected each why is nan pricing measurement excessively high?' declaring: 'We cognize you but nan marque is not moreover adjacent to beryllium established anyplace to beryllium trading astatine this value point.'

They added: 'My woman there's immoderate different options successful nan market.'

The astonishment astatine nan value tag was echoed each crossed nan internet, pinch a commentator asking if she was "deada** pinch nan prices connected her website.' 

The ludicrously capacious leather tote was different constituent of contention, pinch personification criticizing: 'I knew Phoebe Philo's prices were going to beryllium rather exorbitant, but she's perfectly mislaid her mind pricing a basal leather tote astatine 9k lmao,' earlier continuing: 'She said, "Y'all deliberation The Row is expensive? Watch this!"' 

Another appalled Twitter user agreed: 'This Phoebe Philo shopper container priced astatine €6800 lmao woman chill.' 

The mixed consequence was overmuch nan aforesaid connected Instagram, wherever immoderate rejoiced their 'queen' was backmost arsenic others threw shade, calling it an 'average debut tbh,' 'strictly for nan 1 percent' and 'ultra commercial.'

Despite half of nan postulation trading out, nan oversized shopper container is still available.  

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