FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE: The best options for double gameweek 25... with in-form forwards, creative defenders and a triple captain all worth considering

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The games are coming heavy and accelerated successful nan Premier League arsenic nan play heads towards nan last stretch, and that intends Fantasy Premier League managers must beryllium connected nan ball.

Managers person mostly been utilized to teams playing conscionable nan 1 lucifer per gameweek truthful acold this season, albeit pinch nan occasional double aliases blank weeks radiated in.

But nan Premier League are opening to driblet matches that were postponed from elsewhere successful nan play into nan schedule, and that will footwear disconnected adjacent week for 4 sides.

Liverpool will return connected Chelsea successful nan Carabao Cup last astatine Wembley connected February 25, meaning nan Reds versus Luton and Blues versus Tottenham postponed. The erstwhile has been added to gameweek 25 alongside Manchester City's lucifer against Brentford that had to beryllium moved owed to nan champions' engagement successful nan Club World Cup.

That intends 4 sides will person a double gameweek successful week 25, meaning their players will play doubly successful nan week, maximising nan chance for much points. Mail Sport has picked retired 10 of nan champion double gameweek options. 

Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool will person a double gameweek successful GW25 successful Fantasy Premier League

Pep Guardiola's Manchester City will besides play twice, taking connected some Chelsea and Brentford

Ivan Toney

FPL: DGW25 Fixtures

Man City: Chelsea (h), Brentford (h)

Brentford: Liverpool (h), Man City (a)

Liverpool: Brentford (a), Luton (h)

Luton: Man United (h), Liverpool (a)

Ivan Toney has been backmost to his accustomed aforesaid pursuing his return from an eight-month ban, scoring 3 goals successful 4 games and picking up 26 FPL points on nan way.

Brentford's fixtures are nan slightest appealing of nan gameweek, pinch Liverpool astatine location and Manchester City distant connected nan agenda. Those 2 sides are nan 2nd and 3rd best-ranked defences successful nan league, truthful not excessively galore goals are expected for nan Bees.

That said, if Bentford are to score, it's apt to beryllium Toney. And City and Liverpool's defences haven't been 100 per cent h2o tight, truthful it's decidedly possible.

The guardant is nan talisman for his broadside and takes penalties, too, truthful could easy return large successful nan double.

That said, Brentford do person a reliable tally of games coming up, pinch Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United to play by gameweek 30, and it's worthy keeping an oculus connected what's to travel aft nan double. 

Ivan Toney is Brentford's talisman and will apt beryllium progressive successful immoderate goals they people this week

Elijah Adebayo

In what has perchance been 1 of nan stories - and surprises - of nan Premier League season, Elijah Adebayo has delivered 9 goals and an assistance successful his 13 starts for Luton, including a hat-trick and 17-point return against Brighton successful gameweek 22.

Now Rob Edwards' main man successful attack, nan 26-year-old is nailed to commencement some of Luton's games successful gameweek 25, which includes a location crippled against Manchester United.

Luton tin beryllium backed to compete successful immoderate location game, which made their caller 3-1 conclusion to bottommost nine Sheffield United moreover much of a surprise. They person fixed nan likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham a situation astatine Kenilworth Road and will do nan aforesaid pinch United.

The distant crippled against Liverpool will beryllium tough, but deliberation of it arsenic a bonus. And pinch a coagulated expected goals per 90 of 0.39, for illustration Toney, it's much apt than anyone that it will beryllium Adebayo connected nan people expanse erstwhile Luton do net, and, priced astatine £4.9million, he's a steal.

Elijah Adebayo will apt commencement up beforehand for Luton successful some games and costs conscionable £4.9million

Kevin De Bruyne

Minutes are ever a interest pinch Kevin De Bruyne, but, arsenic he showed against Everton, he tin travel disconnected nan chair and still return points.

The Manchester City midfielder has logged 4 assists and a extremity successful his 5 games this play - 4 if you only count nan ones pursuing his return from wounded aft he near nan transportation 22 minutes into nan first crippled of nan season.

£10.8m is simply a batch of money for personification whose minutes aren't guaranteed, but he's highly accordant and, pursuing a remainder against Everton, could beryllium fresh to commencement back-to-back games successful nan double.

City will look Chelsea and Brentford astatine location successful nan double - 2 very nice-looking fixtures - and, if Erling Haaland wasn't around, De Bruyne would beryllium a skipper information for galore this week. 

Kevin De Bruyne has been successful awesome shape since returning from wounded for Manchester City

Alfie Doughty

£4.6m for a Luton defender successful a broadside that person nan third-worst defence successful nan convention whitethorn look steep when, if you really wanted to, nan likes of Teden Mengi and Amarai'i Bell are disposable for £3.9m each.

But Doughty is by acold nan Hatters' astir imaginative outlet, clocking up an expected extremity engagement of 0.22 per 90 minutes.

He created 9 chances successful nan conclusion to Sheffield United, nan astir of immoderate subordinate successful immoderate crippled this play successful nan division, and he will proceed to tee-up opportunities for his team-mates arsenic he bombs connected from left-wing-back.

On nan mostly of set-pieces too, Doughty is worthy nan other money complete his team-mates. Added to that, Luton will double successful gameweek 28 too, truthful is simply a reasonable medium-term hold. The 1 worries is that they blank successful gameweek 26 owed to nan Cup final, truthful beryllium judge to person decent chair cover.

Alfie Doughty is much costly than nan different Luton defenders but provides an intriguing attacking threat

Virgil van Dijk

It's usually smart to person protect sum from apical sides successful a double gameweek and it seems Virgil van Dijk is nan champion action for Liverpool this clip around.

Though his chance of an attacking return is low, nan Reds skipper will almost decidedly play 180 minutes crossed nan 2 games. That can't beryllium said for immoderate of nan different defenders - Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, nan 2 champion attacking picks from nan team, are injured and returning from wounded respectively.

Joe Gomez could capable successful astatine full-back, though Conor Bradley - who costs conscionable £4.1m - will apt deputise for Alexander-Arnold.

The youngster could beryllium an action himself, but it's important to statement that his minutes will beryllium constricted erstwhile Alexander-Arnold returns, and, for illustration Luton, Liverpool will blank successful GW26. 

Virgil van Dijk (pictured) is nan astir reliable Liverpool defender pinch Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson astatine different stages of wounded recovery

Diogo Jota

Diogo Jota has been entrusted pinch filling successful for Mohamed Salah connected nan correct while nan Egyptian is retired injured, and he's recovered his shooting boots, picking up our goals and 1 assistance successful that time.

He whitethorn not play nan afloat 180 minutes - Liverpool still person a plethora of attacking options - but is nan astir objective retired of nan preferred beforehand 3 of himself, Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz.

He whitethorn moreover beryllium a skipper action fixed nan fixtures and represents bully worth astatine £8.2m, but imaginable rotation is nan main point to beryllium alert of. 

Diogo Jota is apt to supply nan biggest attacking threat for nan Reds, but won't person a fixture successful gameweek 26


A spot of a boring prime successful each honesty, but Ederson is nan only safe measurement into Manchester City's defence for their double.

Kyle Walker had started each crippled until he was rested for nan location triumph complete Burnley successful GW22, and nan full-back started connected nan chair against Everton. With nan likes of Ruben Dias, John Stones, Nathan Ake, Manuel Akanji and Josko Gvardiol, it's almost a lottery pinch who will play.

Ederson seldom picks up prevention points, averaging 1.71 per 90 pinch 3 needed for an other point, and he is each nan measurement down successful 12th successful position of nan highest-scoring goalkeepers his play contempt being nan astir expensive. But pinch nan blessing of a double gameweek, 2 cleanable sheets and he will haul.

Ederson has a debased ceiling successful position of points but tin supply a reliable way into City's defence

Darwin Nunez

As mentioned successful nan Jota section, Nunez is acold from clinical, scoring 8 goals this play from an xG of 11.97. But nan 8 goals still count - it's conscionable astir whether you tin woody pinch nan frustration.

He remains first prime for Jurgen Klopp's broadside and could nutrient a immense haul if he is connected his game. But if he frustrates - he past blanks nan adjacent week, leaving you pinch a subordinate ray - you whitethorn unrecorded to regret nan decision.

Darwin Nunez tin beryllium frustrating, but connected his time is tin of returning an useful points haul

Phil Foden

Phil Foden is 1 of nan men successful form, flourishing erstwhile he gets nan chance to play successful a cardinal role, arsenic he did successful nan absence of De Bruyne.

Now nan Belgian is back, Foden has recovered himself shoved retired wide much often, but that didn't extremity him against Brentford, erstwhile he scored a hat-trick and picked up 20 points.

At conscionable £8.0m he is aureate worth for money, and is enjoying a coagulated tally successful nan City team, starting each crippled since GW12. There's not overmuch to reason pinch astatine all. 

Phil Foden (right) is successful bully shape for Manchester City, scoring a hat-trick successful gameweek 23

Erling Haaland will beryllium a celebrated double skipper action connected nan backmost of his brace against Everton

Erling Haaland

There had been a spot of interest complete Erling Haaland's shape pursuing his return from injury, pinch nan guardant yet to people going into his side's location crippled against Everton connected Saturday.

Those doubts were soon erased, however, arsenic past season's Premier League apical scorer netted a good brace, featuring an instinctive onslaught followed by bully on-the-ball activity and a cool finish.

With 2 favourable location games, you're either pinch him aliases against him, though beryllium judge to get clasp of a immense sofa to hide down if he's not successful your team.

A number of managers are expected to usage their triple skipper spot connected Haaland, too, which would mean immoderate points he scores are trebled alternatively than doubled.