Fans praise 'classy' Romania as picture of how they left their dressing room after Euro 2024 exit goes viral... with the team leaving behind a letter to thank tournament hosts Germany

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  • Romania collapsed retired of Euro 2024 pursuing a 3-0 last-16 nonaccomplishment to nan Netherlands
  • The squad person been praised aft pictures of their dressing room went viral 
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By Kieran Lynch

Published: 06:41 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 06:41 EDT, 3 July 2024

Fans person praised Romania aft pictures of really they near nan dressing room aft their Euro 2024 exit went viral. 

Romania collapsed retired pinch a 3-0 conclusion to nan Netherlands successful nan last-16 connected Tuesday night. 

It was their champion showing astatine a awesome world tourney successful 24 years, having not reached nan knockout shape of immoderate title since nan quarter-finals of Euro 2000. 

Edward Iordanescu's broadside topped their group to make nan last-16, pinch nan players and fans intelligibly loving their clip successful Germany. 

Pictures connected societal media person shown that Romania near their dressing room successful an impeccable state, while they near down a missive for nan German organisers. 

Romania collapsed retired of Euro 2024 connected Tuesday nighttime pinch a 3-0 nonaccomplishment to nan Netherlands

Fans person praised 'classy' Romania for really they near their dressing room aft nan defeat

The squad besides near down a missive to convey hosts Germany saying they are 'grateful for everything they person experienced' during nan tournament

Fans took to societal media to respond to nan pictures of really Romania near their dressing room

The missive read: 'EURO 2024 was for each of america 1 of nan astir important shot experiences lived truthful acold and we are gladsome that nan shape connected which it took spot was nan German one.

'Every match, each emotion, each acquisition brought america together and made america consciousness nan magic of football. 

'We time off Germany pinch nan thought that we gave everything for Romania and we are grateful for everything we knowledgeable during nan weeks spent here. 

'It was an grant to beryllium portion of nan awesome family of European football. Signed: Romania’s National Football Team.'

Football fans person praised Romania for cleaning their dressing room and for nan missive they near behind, pinch 1 simply writing: 'Perfect'. 

Another instrumentality hailed 'classy' Romania, adding nan squad played pinch 'heart to nan end'.

They wrote: 'That's class. Romania, you've sewage a squad to genuinely beryllium proud of, they played pinch bosom to nan extremity and mislaid pinch honour and grace.

'Between nan squad and nan fans, genuinely a beautiful spectacle.'

Romania reached nan knockout shape of a awesome tourney for nan first clip successful 24 years

Romania fans stayed agelong aft nan last whistle to applaud their players aft nan defeat

While a Romanian protagonist responded to nan pictures: 'There are levels successful life nary uncertainty astir it, but moments for illustration that make you proud of your federation nary matter nan outcome.'

A spirited Romania broadside were knocked retired of nan tourney aft a extremity from Liverpool's Cody Gakpo and a precocious brace from Donyell Malen.  

Romania's fans were large and colourful passim nan tournament, pinch supporters staying agelong aft nan last whistle to applaud their players aft nan defeat. 

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