Fans argue over Saturday's 3pm blackout staying until 2029 - with some supporters branding the 'pathetic' decision a 'DISGRACE' - while others insist the rule is 'keeping English football's pyramid alive'

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  • The Premier League agreed a caller woody pinch Sky and TNT Sports worthy £6.7bn 
  • As portion of nan agreement, nan Saturday 3pm blackout will stay until 2029 
  • Man City are vulnerable, but travel nan outpouring they will put connected nan afterburners. Leaders Arsenal must prehend their infinitesimal now - Listen to It's All Kicking Off

By Ben Willcocks For Mailonline

Published: 05:30 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 05:43 EST, 5 December 2023

Fans are debating nan determination to uphold English football's 3pm blackout connected Saturdays aft it was revealed that nan Premier League had agreed a new four-year TV woody pinch Sky Sports and TNT Sports worthy £6.7billion. 

Following nan agreement, which will commencement successful 2025 and extremity successful 2029, each Premier League matches extracurricular nan 3pm blackout are group to beryllium televised connected either of nan 2 broadcasters, pinch Sky nan biggest winners having bought nan authorities to 215 matches per season.

Meanwhile, TNT Sports person retained nan authorities to Saturday's early kick-off and will frankincense televise 52 Premier League games each season, pinch BBC still showing each Saturday highlights connected Match of nan Day.

Amazon person mislaid their Premier League matches aft six years of providing unrecorded sum and location was only a humble bid from eager streaming level DAZN, and nary astatine each from Apple TV.

The worth of nan 3pm blackout has agelong been debated by shot fans, and respective supporters took to societal media connected Monday to respond to nan news.

Football's 3pm blackout connected Saturdays is group to stay until astatine slightest 2029 aft nan Premier League agreed a caller four-year TV woody pinch Sky Sports and TNT Sports worthy £6.7billion

Sky will broadcast astatine slightest 215 unrecorded games, including each lucifer connected nan last time of nan season

Meanwhile, TNT Sports will proceed to broadcast nan 12:30pm kick-offs and show 2 midweek slates from nan 2025-26 convention season, picking up 52 matches per play successful total

The blackout is chiefly successful spot to promote fans to get retired and watch unrecorded matches, truthful that teams further down nan English shot pyramid person a amended chance of earning revenue.

Disappointed pinch nan decision, Manchester United instrumentality Mark Goldbridge posted connected Monday: 'New TV woody until 2029.... intends nan 3pm Saturday blackout will proceed for astatine slightest different 6 years. Disgrace.'

A protagonist of nan Premier League's determination fired backmost successful response: 'The 3pm blackout is what is keeping nan English shot pyramid live you utter moron.'

Another added: 'People calling for Sky to get free of nan 3pm blackout, do we really request to spot each azygous crippled unrecorded connected Sky? The norm is location to get group to really be games.'

A 3rd said: 'God forbid that nan sofa play summons holders cannot watch their beloved broadside connected a Saturday afternoon. Long unrecorded nan Saturday 3pm blackout.'

Football fans person since based on complete nan worth of nan 3pm Saturday blackout connected societal media

Premier League main executive Richard Masters has hailed nan caller broadcasting agreement 

But galore different fans stock nan aforesaid position arsenic Goldbridge, arguing that nan 3pm blackout has had its day.

One instrumentality said: 'Another pathetic determination from nan Premier League. 3pm blackout continues and nary motion of moving guardant pinch a caller measurement of experiencing football. 2026 has to beryllium nan twelvemonth erstwhile things alteration for fans. Options are required, not nan continued bias bulls*** Sky and TNT service up.'

A 2nd simply added: 'Keeping nan 3pm blackout is absurd.'

Meanwhile, a 3rd said: 'The 3pm TV blackout massively benefitting nan little convention pyramid strategy is nan biggest story successful English football.'


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