Fake Ozempic jabs have left Brits desperate to lose weight in a COMA: Urgent 'do not use or buy' alert over fat-fighting injections sold online

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Fake versions of Ozempic person near Brits hopeless to suffer weight successful a coma, wellness chiefs warned today. 

The once-a-week jab, made by Danish pharma elephantine Novo Nordisk, is offered connected nan NHS to thief type 2 diabetes patients power their humor sweetener levels.

Semaglutide — nan generic sanction for Ozempic — besides triggers weight loss, earning it praise arsenic a 'miracle' slimming injection. 

Huge world request person seen counterfeit versions flood nan market.

Officials person already seized 369 perchance clone Ozempic pens since nan commencement of nan year.

Bogus versions of Saxenda, different akin weight nonaccomplishment drug, obtained done 'non-legitimate routes' person besides been reported to nan Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Watchdogs said Brits person been hospitalised aft utilizing perchance clone jabs.  

Officials person seized 369 perchance clone Ozempic pens since nan opening of nan year, nan Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) revealed. It has besides received reports of clone Saxenda pens obtained by Brits done 'non-legitimate routes, it warned

Wegovy and Ozempic activity by triggering nan assemblage to nutrient a hormone called GLP-1 that is released people from nan intestines aft meals

It did not authorities really galore group were sickened, only revealing it was a 'very mini number'.

Buying prescription-only narcotics online without a medicine poses a 'direct threat to health', nan MHRA said. 

'With immoderate medicines bought extracurricular of nan ineligible proviso chain, nan contents whitethorn not lucifer nan ingredients connected nan label,' a information alert said. 

'Serious broadside effects reported of those hospitalised, including hypoglycaemic daze and coma, bespeak that nan pens whitethorn incorporate insulin alternatively than semaglutide.'

If excessively overmuch insulin is injected into nan body, humor sweetener tin driblet to dangerously debased levels. 

Dr Alison Cave, nan MHRA's main information serviceman said: 'Buying products specified arsenic Ozempic aliases Saxenda without a prescription, from illegally trading suppliers, importantly increases nan consequence of receiving thing which is either clone aliases not licensed for usage successful nan UK.

'Products purchased successful this measurement do not meet our strict value and information standards, and taking specified medicines whitethorn put your wellness astatine important risk.

'We are advising each members of nan nationalist not to usage immoderate pre-filled weight nonaccomplishment pens they whitethorn person bought online and alternatively to study it to america truthful that we tin analyse and return immoderate basal action.'

Health curate Will Quince added: 'No 1 should put profit earlier nan needs of patients, but fraudsters trading achromatic marketplace medicines for illustration this are highly vulnerable and tin put people’s wellness astatine risk.

'The aesculapian proposal is clear: patients should only usage medicines for illustration Ozempic aliases Saxenda wherever they’ve been prescribed it by a morganatic source, specified arsenic their GP aliases different morganatic prescriber.

'The MHRA person our afloat support successful cracking down connected these forbidden online suppliers to guarantee that patients are protected.'

All pharmacies successful Great Britain, including those online, must beryllium registered pinch nan General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and meet their standards.

Anyone concerned astir their wellness should sojourn a GP aliases pharmacist for a correct diagnosis, nan MHRA urged. 

European Medicines Agency bosses past week announced that counterfeit versions of Ozempic had entered nan market.

The clone jabs had batch numbers, barcodes and unsocial serial numbers copied from genuine Ozempic packs.

But erstwhile scanned arsenic portion of an EU-wide physics system, nan serial numbers were shown to beryllium inactive, alerting authorities that they were perchance fake.

Ozempic is disposable connected nan NHS arsenic a curen for managing humor glucose levels successful group pinch type 2 diabetes. In May, it was besides approved for weight nonaccomplishment nether nan marque sanction Wegovy but is yet to motorboat successful nan UK owed to proviso issues 

A abstracted informing from Germany's Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices besides stated that nan clone versions came successful packs of 3 and had an expiry day of July and December 2025. 

It shared nan serial and batch codes for nan affected products but warned that they were copied from existent Ozempic boxes.

As a result, it warned it was astir intolerable to show isolated nan existent and clone versions from nan boxes they came in.

However, nan clone injectable pens person a clear alternatively than grey lid, and nan guidelines of nan pen is simply a somewhat darker shadiness of bluish than nan original. Markings connected nan explanation and dose are somewhat different, too. 

Semaglutide has ushered successful a caller era successful nan warfare connected obesity. The treatment, loved by Hollywood stars, spur weight nonaccomplishment by mimicking nan actions of a hormone released successful nan gut aft eating, called GLP-1.

As good arsenic telling nan pancreas to make much insulin, nan GLP-1 hormone feeds backmost to nan encephalon and makes users consciousness full.

As a result, semaglutide tin extremity users from over-eating.

In September MailOnline recovered sellers connected Facebook Marketplace listing weight-loss jabs for waste without nan request for a prescription. One seller shows an image of a fridge afloat of medicine and lists nan weight-loss jabs for £130, pictured left. Another seller lists semaglutide, a supplier recovered successful some Ozempic and Wegovy, pictured right

In July, nan UK's Department of Health urged doctors and pharmacists to extremity prescribing Ozempic to group who simply want to suffer weight.

Health officials warned nan clamour to get clasp of it — and akin medications — was fuelling nan nationalist shortage, putting diabetics' lives astatine risk.

Ozempic is disposable connected nan NHS arsenic a curen for managing humor glucose levels successful group pinch type 2 diabetes.

In May, different type of semaglutide was approved for weight nonaccomplishment nether nan marque sanction Wegovy. It is not yet wide disposable successful nan UK owed to proviso issues.

The hold has led to a emergence successful 'off-label' prescribing — wherever medications are issued for thing different than its intended usage — which is exacerbating shortages.

Despite patients being eager to return nan drugs, it is not without broadside effects.

Users commonly kick of nausea, constipation and diarrhoea aft taking nan medication. Less communal broadside effects see altered sensation and acute pancreatitis.

MailOnline revealed earlier this twelvemonth Novo Nordisk is probing whether semaglutide could raise nan consequence of medullary thyroid crab and pancreatic cancer.

But nary grounds yet proves they are decidedly broadside effects — moreover successful highly uncommon cases.

All Brits are urged to study immoderate medicines broadside effects they announcement to nan MHRA's Yellow Card Scheme. 

The EMA is already probing Ozempic and akin blockbuster weight loss jabs complete concerns they whitethorn make users contemplate self-harm.

Health chiefs were spooked by reports from Iceland of 3 patients experiencing thoughts astir self-harm and termination aft taking nan injections. 

Suicidal thoughts are listed arsenic a imaginable consequence successful leaflets tucked wrong nan packaging already.

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