'F**K Carlo Ancelotti': Romario blasts the Real Madrid boss amid reports he is set to take over the Selecao in 2024... as the Brazil legend insists they are 'in great hands with Fernando Diniz'

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  • Carlo Ancelotti is nan astir successful coach successful Champions League history 
  • Romario scored 55 goals successful 70 Brazil games, winning nan World Cup successful 1994 
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By Dominic Hogan For Mailonline

Published: 11:57 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 12:02 EDT, 1 November 2023

Brazilian fable has launched an bonzer onslaught connected Carlo Ancelotti, pinch nan Real Madrid leader linked pinch assuming bid of nan Selecao adjacent summer. 

The Italian has been astatine Real Madrid since leaving Everton backmost successful 2021, and has since taken Los Blancos to a Champions League, LaLiga, Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, Club World Cup and UEFA Supercup.

However, location is uncertainty complete his future astatine nan Santiago Bernabeu, pinch his woody up astatine nan extremity of nan season, and seemingly small proposal that he will enactment connected for different season. 

Given his stature arsenic arguably nan champion head successful nan world, Ancelotti is not thought to beryllium short of options, but is astir intimately linked pinch nan Brazilian nationalist squad - presently successful nan interim attraction of Fernando Deniz. 

Yet Romario - a World Cup winning leader pinch Brazil successful 1994 - wasted small clip successful making his sentiment connected who should lead nan squad known. 

Carlo Ancelotti has travel successful for a amazingly scathing reappraisal from Brazil fable Romario 

The Selecao icon scored 55 goals successful 70 appearances for his state and blasted nan Real Madrid boss

'Actually, here's nan thing, first I want to congratulate Ednaldo [Rodrigues], who is president of nan CBF (Brazilian FA), he chose Diniz well. He's nan champion coach we've got,' Romario told Brazilian outlet O Globo.

'He [Diniz] doesn't person clip to do pinch nan nationalist squad what he does astatine nine level, which is his forte, training, getting these players together, he does what he can. He's drawn and mislaid nan past 2 games, cipher ever wins. 

'But I tin opportunity that, successful my opinion, successful my humble opinion, nan Brazilian nationalist squad is successful awesome hands pinch Diniz. F*** Ancelotti. I want him [Diniz] until nan end.'

Ancelotti's expertise is difficult to reason pinch - he is nan astir dressed up head successful Champions League history, and is nan only antheral head to person won each 5 of nan apical home leagues successful Europe. 

There is adjacent to thing that Ancelotti has not acheived successful nan nine game, having besides lifted nan Champions League arsenic a subordinate pinch AC Milan, pinch nan nationalist frontier arsenic yet unexplored. 

Diniz meantime has held 18 posts successful 14 years of his managerial career, and astatine 49 has now been fixed nan honour of starring his state while besides managing Brazilian broadside Fluminense. 

Although he has been impressing pinch nan Tricolor Diniz has recovered nan modulation a difficult one, pinch Brazil presently sat extracurricular nan CONMEBOL qualification spots. 

Fernando Diniz (right) has not been capable to toggle shape Brazil's fortunes successful nan aftermath of Tite's departure


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