Explosion of England star Alice Capsey's whirlwind talent has come at the perfect time for women's cricket - and now the 19-year-old sensation is targeting Test glory in India

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Alice Capsey smiles, a small self-consciously, astatine nan proposal she has go nan young figurehead of nan caller master era propelling women's cricket forward.

'It's a difficult 1 because I don't want to deliberation astir myself successful each this,' said England's 19-year-old prima all-rounder. 'But I do deliberation I've travel into cricket astatine nan cleanable clip and look to person been successful nan correct spot whenever an opportunity has presented itself.

'I still don't deliberation moreover now, astir 3 years connected from nan commencement of nan Hundred, I tin really picture what's happened to me. It's been a whirlwind and it feels for illustration each twelvemonth I've had a caller first. It's been astonishing and I've learnt truthful much.

'Even reasoning astir what I've been progressive successful already, for illustration an Ashes series, a World Cup and franchise competitions, feels beautiful crazy.

'The women's crippled has travel connected successful leaps and bounds and what it has done for my profession makes maine want to support pushing it guardant for everyone coming successful now. It's a really breathtaking clip and we tin make existent advancement pinch nan momentum we've got.'

Alice Capsey, 19, has made a promising commencement to her profession astatine world and home level

Capsey announced herself astatine nan commencement of nan first version of nan Hundred successful 2021

It was astatine nan commencement of nan inaugural Hundred successful 2021 that Capsey announced herself and proved why nan caller format would beryllium truthful integral to nan advancement of nan women's crippled erstwhile she deed 59 disconnected 41 balls successful Oval Invincibles' first derby against London Spirit.

Quickly it became clear that nan precocious talent — first honed erstwhile trying to compete pinch her elder relative — was cleanable for women's cricket and, successful particular, nan big-hitting, enterprising guidance successful which it was attempting to travel.

'I've ever played nan aforesaid way,' Capsey tells Mail Sport up of England's circuit of India. 'I sewage into athletics by pursuing my relative wherever he was playing and erstwhile you've sewage an older related you're ever competing.

'That mindset has gone manus successful manus pinch really I've played my cricket. I've ever wanted to compete, ever wanted to beryllium nan champion and ever wanted to win.'

Capsey's accuracy is very overmuch successful tune pinch England's nether coach Jon Lewis, a Bazball disciple. 'It's astir taking nan crippled on, being brave and really entertaining,' Capsey says.

'We want to spell connected nan beforehand ft and move nan crippled guardant arsenic overmuch arsenic we can. When I'm astatine my champion I'm playing fearlessly and playing my way. I'm not reasoning excessively overmuch astir what's going on, conscionable staying successful a really elemental mindset of 'see shot deed ball'.

'That has been really I spell astir my cricket and shows erstwhile group spot maine play astatine my best. It holds maine successful beautiful bully stead arsenic a master cricketer.

'You cognize you neglect much times than you win which tin beryllium draining and a difficult point to return but now I've sewage a beautiful bully knowing of wherever I'm astatine and what I'm moving towards.

'I'm conscionable trying to enactment level headed and support everything successful perspective.' Now comes Capsey's latest situation erstwhile England return connected India successful a T20 bid starting successful Mumbai tomorrow, followed by a showpiece Test. It is nan four-day crippled Capsey is peculiarly targeting, arsenic 1 of nan fewer things she has yet to execute is simply a Test debut.

The 19-year-old is hoping to make her Test debut erstwhile England look India this month

Capsey has besides impressed during her clip pinch nan Melbourne Stars successful nan Women's BBL

'It would beryllium astonishing to make my Test debut successful India,' says Capsey (left). 'It sounds a spot surreal moreover saying it. I want to activity arsenic difficult arsenic imaginable to effort to gain that spot because it would beryllium a immense privilege.

'You perceive to really everyone other has spoken astir playing Test cricket complete nan past mates of years and really trying to push it forward. The girls emotion it and it's thing I decidedly want to do successful nan future.

'We evidently don't play overmuch of it but it's really important and there's a existent desire to play much of it and get amended astatine it. It will only hap if we get nan opportunities.'

One opportunity denied Capsey came past summertime erstwhile she missed retired connected England's Test lucifer against Australia astatine Trent Bridge. It was nan only crippled she was near retired of successful nan multi-format Ashes series.

'I'd person loved to person played successful nan Ashes Test but astatine nan clip nan champion squad was picked,' she says.

'I astir apt wasn't rather fresh for it astatine that clip but it was a beautiful difficult pill to swallow. You don't want to miss retired connected games for illustration that.

'You want to play cricket for your state and you want to make each squad. So it was hugely disappointing but if thing it's made maine much quiet to put successful nan activity successful India and make my Test debut that way.'

Capsey is 1 of 18 players awarded an England Women cardinal statement for nan twelvemonth ahead

She is considered a prima successful nan making and her breakthrough has travel astatine nan correct clip for nan sport

Whether she plays successful nan Mumbai Test aliases not nan early looks agleam for a apical bid batter and off-spin bowler pinch endless possibilities.

She is 1 of 18 players awarded an England Women cardinal statement for nan twelvemonth up but wherever does this teen spot herself successful 5 years time?

'It's a really difficult question,' she says. 'You look astatine really accelerated nan women's crippled is accelerating and who knows wherever it will beryllium then.

'It's truthful breathtaking and for maine it's astir playing arsenic overmuch cricket arsenic possible, learning arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable and evolving my crippled and improving. I'm not a awesome 1 for looking astatine individual accolades and goals. I'm much personification who marks myself connected what I'm contributing to nan squad and if I'm doing my job.

'I want to return it each in, situation myself pinch bully group and return my crippled to nan adjacent level.'