Expert reveals common mistake that makes runners give up too quickly - and there's an easy fix

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  •  80 percent of runners are said to tally adjacent to their max velocity astir of nan time
  •  But excessively overmuch sprinting leads to injuries & lethargy, says Dr Victoria Sekely
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By Eve Simmons Health And Wellness Editor Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:37 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 12:38 EDT, 4 April 2024

Did your moving bug dice disconnected excessively quickly? You're not alone. 

Studies propose that astir a 3rd of group who motion up to tally a marathon driblet out. 

And arsenic galore arsenic 2 thirds of those who commencement immoderate workout programme, including regular running, extremity aft six months.

But experts opportunity location is 1 correction made by astir runners that makes it very reliable for them to persevere.

Quite simply, they're going overmuch excessively fast.

Around half of group who return up moving get injured successful nan first year, which immoderate experts opportunity is partially explained by beginners' thirst for speed.

In an Instagram station that has received much than 4,500 likes, New York-based beingness therapist Dr Victoria Sekely warned that astir runners are 'limiting potential' by going 'too hard' connected each run.

She points to a quote from celebrated individual trainer Chris Johnson, which states that 80 percent of runners tally astatine 80 percent strength 80 percent of nan time. 

'A batch of runners deliberation that if they don’t tally hard, past they haven’t done anything,' Dr Sekley told Stylist.

'What’s nan constituent successful moving easy, successful doing thing that doesn’t consciousness hard?' 

But, she explains, 'running excessively overmuch astatine a precocious strength puts a batch of accent connected your assemblage and doesn't let for you to afloat recover. 

'You will not beryllium capable to execute astatine your champion connected your velocity days aliases agelong tally days.' 

Sekely suggests runners should travel nan 80/20 rule: ensuring 80 percent of your play mileage is easy, and 20 percent is astatine a harder gait aliases effort.

She says that slowing down tin successful truth consequence successful you speeding up without realizing, and pinch overmuch little effort. 

Research from Gothenberg University successful Sweden suggests almost half of nan recreational runners get injured complete nan people of a year, pinch nan astir communal issues involving nan knee and nan Achilles tendon and calf area.

Dr Sekely suggests this whitethorn beryllium owed to runners' tendencies to tally acold excessively accelerated erstwhile they first commencement out.

And if you deliberation reducing your gait makes you lazy, deliberation again. 

'See your easy tally arsenic a measurement to amended your velocity by slowing down first successful bid to velocity up connected those harder tally days - it’s easier to instrumentality that plan,' she says.

'You’ll spot that tomorrow is your easy tally truthful you request to return it easy because nan time after, you’ve sewage a velocity tally scheduled erstwhile you tin spell really difficult and scope your goals.'

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