Exeter 2-3 Middlesbrough: Emmanuel Latte Lath's late penalty earns a Carabao Cup quarter-final spot as Michael Carrick's side avoid an upset in thriller

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There was an almighty scare for Michael Carrick’s Middlesbrough connected this nighttime of frights, but successful nan end, nan 700-mile, 12-hour information travel to Exeter was worthy nan hassle for their 1,000 soggy supporters.

The North East visitors whitethorn joke these were emblematic Tuesday nighttime conditions wherever they're from, but pinch Storm Ciaran connected nan measurement to Devon, those who braved nan deluge were rewarded pinch a flood of spectacular strikes. The first 4 goals were awesome finishes, up location pinch nan champion we will spot successful nan Carabao Cup's 4th information arsenic this necktie was locked astatine 2-2 heading into nan last 10 minutes.

Yet 1 elemental spot-kick by Emmanuel Latte Lath successful nan 82nd infinitesimal ended up settling this cup classic, sending Championship Middlesbrough into nan quarter-finals astatine nan disbursal of League One Exeter.

‘We’ll spot what nan tie brings,’ said a smiling Carrick. ‘Whatever it throws up – we’ve had an distant crippled each information truthful acold – we’ll make nan astir of it. We’re delighted to beryllium through, and delighted for nan travelling supporters.’

The St James Park DJ embraced nan Halloween vibe earlier kick-off. There was Michael Jackson’s Thriller, followed by Bobby Pickett’s Monster Mash. Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero was a much random action – arsenic frightening arsenic nan overseas lyric is successful that way – but successful truth, you could hardly perceive nan euphony for nan singing from nan distant supporters.

Emmanuel Latte Lath's punishment sent Middlesbrough into nan Carabao Cup quarter-finals

Ryan Trevitt gave League One Exeter a daze lead successful nan first half of nan match at St James Park

Morgan Rogers brought Middlesbrough level aft half-time pinch a onslaught from extracurricular nan box

They were judge this would beryllium a straightforward travel and celebrating already. Middlesbrough, aft all, had precocious enjoyed a six-game winning tally successful nan Championship while Exeter had endured a six-game losing tally successful League One. This was not rather David v Goliath, but location was only expected to beryllium 1 victor from this duel successful nan downpour.


EXETER (3-5-2): Sinisalo, Aimson, Fitzwater (Diabate 60), Hartridge, Mitchell (Harper 34), Kite, Trevitt, Taylor (Richards 79), Jules, Scott, Muskwe (Wildschut 60)

Subs: MacDonald, Dean, Cunningham

Scorer: Trevitt 13', 66'

Booked: Diabate, Trevitt, Kite

Manager: Gary Caldwell

MIDDLESBROUGH (4-2-3-1): Glover, Dijksteel (Van den Berg 87), Fry, McNair, Bangura (Engel 83), Hackney, Barlaser, Isaiah Jones, Rogers, Silvera (Crooks 87), Latte Lath (Coburn 90)

Subs not used: Clarke, Gilbert, Howson, Coulson, Jamie Jones

Scorer: Rogers 49', Silvera 59', Latte Lath 82' pen

Booked: Rogers, Silvera, Latte Lath

Manager: Michael Carrick 

Referee: Graham Scott 

In nan 13th minute, however, nan favourites were stunned.

Kyle Taylor crossed from nan correct and Ryan Trevitt, nan 20-year-old midfielder connected indebtedness from Brentford, met it wonderfully astatine nan separator of nan area. He side-footed nan shot complete goalkeeper Tom Glover and disconnected nan underside of nan crossbar for 1-0.

Exeter’s supporters sang astir ‘going to Wembley’ while Middlesbrough went to activity trying to level it up, pinch Dael Fry firing a volley narrowly wide. Goalkeeper Viljami Sinisalo was past needed to contradict Samuel Silvera past Anfernee Dijksteel.

When Sinisalo tipped complete Silvera's attempt, Exeter’s half-time lead was safe.

Carrick wore a look of fury arsenic he squelched towards nan tunnel, unhappy pinch really they were struggling to break down this sturdy backmost five.

Yet Middlesbrough’s head did not person to hold agelong earlier it became 1-1 pinch his squad now shooting towards their ain supporters successful nan 2nd half. Morgan Rogers was 22 yards from extremity erstwhile he wrapped his correct ft astir nan ball, uncovering nan apical corner.

It was a onslaught to rival Trevitt’s stylish opener, and past Silvera added his ain contender for extremity of nan game. Cutting inside, nan 23-year-old winger buried a curling changeable into nan acold area for 2-1 to Middlesbrough. Crisis averted, aliases truthful nan visitors thought.

In nan 66th minute, it was 2-2, acknowledgment to different smashing strike. Trevitt took purpose from extracurricular of nan area and nan ball, moving successful nan air, hit Glover.

There were 7,601 wrong St James Park, including 1,031 from Middlesbrough, and it looked for illustration this necktie was heading to a tense punishment shootout. Yet it took only 1 spot-kick, awarded erstwhile Trevitt pulled nan garment of Rogers. 

To opportunity Exeter’s two-goal man had gone from leader to zero would beryllium harsh. It was simply a infinitesimal of madness, and 1 for which he paid nan value arsenic Latte Lath secured this thrilling 3-2 triumph from nan spot.

Samuel Silvera put nan Championship broadside up pinch a curling changeable into nan Exeter net

Trevitt brought Exeter backmost level but was astatine responsibility for conceding nan important precocious penalty

Middlesbrough celebrated their precocious extremity which proved capable to spot of nan threat of an upset

Michael Carrick's broadside will return their spot successful nan Carabao Cup quarter-final draw


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