EXCLUSIVE: WWE star Bobby Lashley talks on his alliance with Montez Ford, the disbanding of The Hurt Business and a potential crossover boxing fight with Logan Paul

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While Bobby Lashley whitethorn beryllium known by galore arsenic a seasoned successful nan WWE, nan eight-time world champion has precocious group his sights connected ventures extracurricular nan ring. 

Lashley made his debut successful nan organisation backmost successful 2005 and has gone connected to execute a number of awesome accolades wrong nan athletics - specified arsenic becoming a two-time WWE Champion.

But his sporting occurrence is not conscionable constricted to nan wrestling segment as, backmost successful 2008, Lashley ventured into nan world of mixed martial arts - wherever he was alternatively impressive. 

After making his debut pinch the Mixed Fighting Alliance (MFA) would spell connected to boast a master grounds of 15-2 - pinch 5 of those wins being successful MMA organisation Bellator.

Now, successful nan aftermath of nan caller crossover super-fight betwixt Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, Lashley has admitted he's tempted to measurement backmost into nan ring.  

WWE's Bobby Lashley has spoken connected nan imaginable for a crossover boxing bout successful nan future

Lashley precocious linked up pinch The Street Profits successful a bid to boost his WWE career

Speaking to Mail Sport's Alex McCarthy, Lashley said: 'Yes! I will conflict who ever. I've been talking astir it for a while now. You know, astatine immoderate constituent successful clip successful your career, you sewage to extremity fighting. 

But I still person truthful overmuch conflict near successful me. Yeah. But that clip is ticking to wherever I'm gonna opportunity Alright, get that retired of your mind. I've been offered a bare knuckles conflict against a shot player. I talked astir a mates of boxing matches that I'd beryllium willing successful doing. I haven't talked astir going backmost to Bellator.

'I'm crossing my fingers. I'd for illustration to do immoderate benignant of fight. I personally deliberation boxing is nan measurement to spell correct now. There's a batch of buzz pinch boxing. 

'Am I fighting Tyson fury? I don't deliberation so. That's not wherever I want to go. But I do want to get successful that ring. And I want to person I want to person 1 of those bigger matchups against someone. 

'I mean, I don't person nan clip to train for Tyson fury. But I train each nan clip anyway. So I tin I tin astir apt conflict personification that has immoderate boxing acquisition that still wants to do specified arsenic myself'.

One sanction that was thrown into nan chapeau was YouTuber-turned-wrestler-turned-boxer Logan Paul - who will look Rey Mysterio for nan WWE United States Title astatine WWE Crown Jewel.

On a imaginable conflict pinch Paul, Lashley said: 'I asked him connected his podcast and he told maine I was excessively big. 

'But he has a lucifer pinch Ray astatine Saudi for nan US titles. And if he wins that, I mean, that conflict mightiness hap successful in our world'.

Lashley said he would beryllium willing successful a conflict pinch Logan Paul but the 

The American enjoyed a successful MMA profession which spanned from 2008-2016

While Lashley has been portion of nan WWE for adjacent to 2 decades, successful caller months, nan 47-year-old has taken his profession successful a caller guidance aft teaming up pinch nan Street Profits. 

Montez Ford, who is portion of nan group, precocious told Mail Sport astir Lashley's summation - which nan second has now claimed will thief him 'move forward' successful nan WWE. 

'After being successful nan business for a while it's you benignant of springiness back, you want to get back, you want to find a squad that you tin really tally with. And I saw them from nan very beginning. 

'And I was like, man, these guys person a batch of potential. And I looked astatine them as, arsenic my profession was, for truthful long, [where] I would conscionable benignant of play that guy, you know, nan bully guy, you know, if you guys request maine for anything, I'm gonna do it. 

'And I saw that aforesaid point pinch them. I saw them benignant of for illustration benignant of moving retired of nan image of Tag Team Championships. I'm like, 'Man, are you crazy?!' 

'This feline is six ft 4 and this feline is six ft 5 - they're successful awesome shape! This guy's a erstwhile Marine. This guy's a aggregate clip each American and different sports. I was like, these are nan guys. 

'And I'm sitting location watching like, Judgment Day and Kevin and Sam and each these guys get each these praise and each this glory.

Lashley (middle) linked up pinch The Street Profits connected SmackDown past week 

'Once we get an opportunity to get there, I deliberation they return complete everything. And that's nan 1 point is getting that opportunity. That's nan aforesaid pinch maine and my career. 

'I waited truthful agelong to beryllium capable to get nan opportunity to triumph a world title, because I was ever for illustration 'Oh yeah, you know, I'll do immoderate you guys need!'

'And that benignant of personification doesn't get wherever they want to get successful this business. You person to ruffle immoderate feathers, you person to push group retired of nan way. 

'You've sewage to sound group out, you've sewage to do immoderate things that you usually wouldn't do to get wherever you request to get successful WWE. We've sewage to commencement moving guardant and taking what you deserve. 

Prior to joining up nan Street Profits, Lashley had been portion of The Hurt Business, passim 2020-22, and has since reflected connected his clip pinch nan 'amazing group'. 

'I put 100% power into thing that I do. I emotion those guys, pinch The Hurt Business. It was it was specified an astonishing group. And past nan clip that we did it, I mean, it was during nan pandemic.

'There's a batch of guys that are getting everything they want correct now but astatine that time, they were obscurity to beryllium found. They took off, they took clip off. 

Lashley is an eight-time world champion and has been a two-time WWE Champion

'So we had to we had to transportation nan weight for everyone. We were doing each show. We were doing for illustration half nan show nan full pandemic and past earlier nan pandemic sewage out, we sewage pulled apart. And to maine that benignant of hurt. 

'I deliberation location was truthful overmuch much than we could do. But now I cognize that location are different guys that are opinionated successful nan measurement and that's nan Street Profits.

'But this clip we're not gonna fto anybody extremity us, we're conscionable gonna support pushing distant and and for illustration I said, knocking group retired of nan way. 

'I person large things to do correct now. I'm gonna person a tally astir pinch these suits for a small while and and I bask wearing them but sooner aliases later these suits are going to travel up and I'm going to return nan titles that I want to stock correct now I want to make judge that they get wherever they request to be 

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